Thursday, 19 March 2009

assessed again

yesterday i went to Norfolk and Norwich hospital for a pre-op assessment for the angio i have to have on the 30th of march at 7.30am.drove myself as i hadnt had a decent drive in the new car.funnily enough the nurse that saw me was the same staff nurse who cared for me after the heart attack,basically it was just to explain the procedure,which as i had already had one done was rather a waste of time,but blood tests done etc,so all ready.i have been told the angio will show any problems,and that if a stent needs to be fitted it will be,but there is a chance i will need a bypass operation at Papworth hospital.we shall see. my back is still giving me hell,i have never been in so much agony in my life,just had letter and i go to Cromer hospital next friday to see an orthopaedic triage nurse.hope some relief can be found soon.
SHE IS BACK.!!!.many of you know the lovely zoe,one of my favourite journal writers,who has finally started a new blog here on blogspot, Domestic chaos: Hi all is the link to find her new blog,please welcomean old friend back,glad to see you again zoe,and not just on facebook,lol.
the ducks are coming every day,the spring flowers are all coming out,my camellia is now in full bloom,so warmer weather must be on the way,take care all.


Pamela said...

I hope and pray that everything will be ok with you Mort. Keep us posted! Take care of youself. Take things one day at a time.

jack69 said...

Seems like most is in line except the back. I hope the heart procedure goes without a hitch. One thing about those they have become very common and Dr.s have a lot of experience at them.
I know the back seems more important, the back pain claims a lot of attention. Thinking of you friend.
Sounds like you are enjoying the car though. That is good.

Anonymous said...

I hope driving that new car around brings you happiness.

Years back on AOL Zoe would leave me the most charming comments. She is very sweet and quite the wit. I will stop over.

Please take care. ~Mary

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope warmer weather comes our way soon. Maybe it'll help you to feel better. Sorry to hear that back is still a pain.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Mort hope everything will be OK with your 30th March appointment ~ I know you will keep us posted ~ hope the back pain eases off ~ and the triage nurse will be able to help you ~
thanks for the new Link to Zoe will pop over and say hello ~ Ally x

Joyce said...

Keeping you in my prayers Mort. I'm sorry to hear that your back is in so much pain. I understand that pain and feel for you. Good luck with the heart doctor.
Hugs, Joyce

Lisa said...

Mort, please keep us posted, Glad you are enjoying your new car, I want you to be happy and not be in pain, xx Lisa

Beth said...

I hope all goes well with your appointments! Sending you love and positive thoughts!

XO Beth

Jan said...

Good luck with the heart op ,I do sympathise with you about the back ,mine is bad again.Thanks for all the good news ,the ducks ,the flowers and ...ZOE thanks for the link

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Went over and left a welcome :o)

Teresa said...

My prayers are with you ~ no matter what name She is under lol. I think you are a wonderful person Mort :) From across the heart to yours. Blessings and Love, Teresa

Yasmin said...

Hope everything is ok and they can do something about the back pain, glad you got to try the new car out.

Will pop over to Zoe and say hello


LYN said...

keeping you in my prayers Mort..

Lucy said...

Mort I have an award for you from the netherlands if you would care to take it off my blog.. It is kind of cool. Hope everything goes better for you. It is about time. Beths remark was funny. Lucy