Tuesday, 31 March 2009

back and blue

on friday i went to Cromer hospital about my recent back problem,the orthopaedic triage was a very nice lady,who frankly................bloody hurt me,lol.gave me a thorough examination,and at the end,told me i appear to have trapped the nerve.i had one disc removed years ago,3 more crumbling,and she thinks when i stepped off kerb,the nerve got crushed,hence the awful pain i have been having.she said it didnt seem as though the disc had gone,and she thought the nerve would recover,but wanted an MRI scan to check.unfortunately,as i have a stent fitted in my heart she needs to know what that stent is made of,to check with the radiographer to see if it will affect the scan.that information is of course in my medical notes.which were at Norwich hospital for my angio yesterday.she has requested the notes be sent to her and will ring me as soon as she knows.
Yesterday Pam picked me up at 6am,and took me to the Norfolk and Norwich hospital,dropped me off,and went straight home to get some sleep as she had been working all night.i was in the ward by 7.20,a very efficient and good humoured nurse got me sorted,i got in my gown,and was taken up to the angio suite at 8.10.first one.lol.the doctor was running late getting in to work,but eventually i walked into the angio room at 8.35,my groin was the place of entry,the whole thing took 20 minutes before i was slid onto my bed and,hand pressing onto a tissue,i was taken,after a short wait,back to the ward.
Now the good news. the doctor said that,yes i do have some "furring"of 2 minor arteries,but it is NOT serious,and he feels the best way to deal with the problem is by tablets.no further surgery is needed,no stent,and thankfully,NO BYPASS. i was able to be released by 11.i rang poor pam at 9.55,a very sleepy voice said "uugh??".lol.i said,i can come home at 11.that woke her up,lol,and she picked me up at 11.10.poor love was so tired,so McDonalds,lol.big mac n fries and a thick shake helped.and i got home at 12.40,to a very relieved mother.pam went straight off home to bed.as i was home i cancelled the carer from Crossroads,i was sore,bruised,but ok.and felt it unfair to call on them when someone may have needed help more.
I had a lousy nights sleep,very sore,and today my groin is a lovely shade of black and blue,lol. but i now know i am pretty much ok,i see my Dr.at the end of the week,and he will discuss with me the tablets i will be taking.so,good news for a change.i want to thank everyone for all the lovely comments on facebook,and emails.all wishing me well,and offering prayers and good thoughts.i am deeply touched.thankyou all.
i have a fatigue physiotherapist coming thursday to see if she can give me advice on combatting the fatigue i do sometimes get when in relapse.will be interesting to meet her.
today,the weather is lovely,as it was yesterday,although there was a hell of a frost yesterday morning,very white on the ground.none today,and feels much warmer.spring is here.until it turns cold again.lol.the ducks come nearly every day on the pond,lovely to see them.soon,the garden will be really blooming,i just counted 27 different flowers out in bloom.not bad for the end of march.take care all.


Lisa said...

Awwwww Mort hope you start feeling better and yes you're right, Big Mac and fries make me smile XX Lisa

Lucy said...

Mort, I am so happy for you as far as the bypass. Now lets hope that they can help the back. I just can not believe all the different forms of treatment you get, that no one ever thought of for Alan, but I know he would be thrilled that you get the help you do. He may not be with us anymore but I do know he would be so happy fore you just like his mom is. Lucy

jack69 said...

Isn't it amazing that just one mis step cam make you miserable for a long time.
Great news about the heart. seems strange to hear you say Big Mac & Fries instead of Fish and chips.
I really learned to enjoy the fish and chips, couldn't take the ale at room temp, if I had styed longer may have learned. ha!
TAke care. Good to hear from you.

jack69 said...

What, no picture of the pretty shades fo black & blue. LOL Hang tough Mort!

Sybil said...

My dearest Mort. My prayers have been with you and Mum as always. I am so pleased taht all went well at both hospitals. Although I do hope that they will be able to do somthing for the back pain...
The weather here has been a wee bit dissapointing so far this week we have hardly seen the sun at all but it isn't cold so that is something I suppose. I managed to plant a clematis today (one of 6 tiny wee cuttings I got last winter and didn't think they would survive) 3 of them have..the other 2 I will have to find a container to put them in...
Take care dont be doing to much,
Love Sybil xx

Beth said...

I can't tell you how pleased I am for you that you got GOOD NEWS! Yippee! :)

Love, Beth

Yasmin said...

Hey Mort at least no more sugery, and some relief for your back pain seems hopeful. Your friend Pam is one in a million.rare to find such good friends. Good luck at the docs on Friday. Regards to mum


LYN said...


jean said...

Hi Mort I'm so glad to hear you want has to have the bypass surgery. I hope you get to feel better soon. Be careful eating Big Mac and Fries, lol. Take care, jean

Joyce said...

You've been through so much already. Now let's get that back in shape for summer.
Hugs, Joyce

Jane said...

SUCH a relief you dont need further surgery Mort. Now you try and rest that back as much as you can - and go easy on the Big Mac and fries....lol


Wes said...

Again, I'm glad things are getting better one day at a time. I think you have a nice looking yard! I'm glad I don't have to manage it. :)


Just Be Real said...

Mort, I am sorry to read here that you are in such pain. I can only pray for a fast recovery and the doctors will be able to help you!

Frederica said...

Hello Mort
Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Gosh you are a very prolific writer! I have dabbled before on blogger, but I still feel a bit odd chatting to cyber space.
I will takt time to read some of your blogs so I can perhaps catch up a bit. Sorry to hear all your health problems, but how good you manage to look after your Mum too.
I like the car, My husband is a car addict, I think we have 12 now, well today he bought a van as well, but I don't know what make.
Sometimes he lets one go when he has played and cleaned it up, he knows a good car when he gets behind the wheel and drives it, so he does OK. Doesn't make a lot in the way of profit, it is more of a hobby and a challenge to him.
I am not as active as I used to be, the old bones creaking and painful.

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,

Good news indeed brilliant.