Wednesday, 21 November 2007

coughed up

poor  mum,really  has  been   through  the  wars.  chiropodist  had  to  cut  out infection from  between  toes,lot  of  blood,and  her   foot  now   resembles  a  small  egyptian  mummy   lol. well  after   that  ordeal,i  just  had  to  treat  her   to  a  fresh  cream  cake  from  Morrisons,and  1  for  myself.   very  traumatic.  lol

  our  health  service  is  severely flawed,many old   people  no  longer  can  get a  chiropody  service  through  their  GPs,a  sad  state  of  affairs,  we  very  lucky  that  mum  gets   treated, 

the  reason  im  still  up  writing  this  blog  is  i   cant  sleep,cough  really  bad    and  i  feel  dreadful,so  may  as  well  be   up.   take  care   all


ninareade said...

awww you need a hot cuggle from a fellow insomniac xxxxxxxxx

pharmolo said...

Met in the Journals Chatroom this evening (Saturday 24). Hope you get well soon, also in order that you can look after your relative properly.