Monday, 26 November 2007

toed away

well,im  still  coughing.  antibiotics  finished   and  done  sod  all  lol.had  reasonable  weekend,got  all  the  housework  done,beds  changed,kitchen  and  bathroom  floors  washed,was  a  domestic   marvel   lol.  and  cooked  a  really  tasty  sunday  lunch.thats  ok,normal  service  resumed,so  must  be  feeling  lot  better.

Im  not  very  happy  about mums  toe,is  really  sore  and  painful  for  her.she  really  is  in  awful  pain,the  chiropodist  told  her  last  week  to  ask  our  health  centre  to  ask  the  nurse  to  come  today  and  change  the  dressing.   so  at  9    she  came  out.  only  problem  was silly  cow  hadn't brought  any fresh  dressings  with  her.!!!!!  how  in  hells  name  can  she  change  it  then  lol.    oh,she  said            i  forgot  to  bring  any,has  morton  got  any  left???  yes,bloody  good  job  morton  had.  also  forgot  the  cover  to  go  over  the  dressing.               not  very  good.       mum just  informed  me,having  been  in  bed  for  past  15  minutes,that  one  of  the  dressings  has  come  off,so  im  just  going  to  redo  it  for  her.            take  care  all


cayasm said...

It's shocking that the Nurse did'nt even have the basics today and just as well you did, if your mum was on her own i dread to think how long she would have to wait.
Glad to hear your feeling better.


jeanno43 said...

Antibiotics will not touch it if it is a virus.  My daughter has had the same thing for over two weeks and I have it myself now.  Sorry to hear about your experience with the nurse, they should always carry the necessary equipment.

pharmolo said...

Sorry to hear things aren't going too well with the nursing care. Is a pain.