Tuesday, 27 November 2007


i  just  like  to  say  thankyou  to  the  very  nice  people  im  meeting  in  the  new  journals  chatroom,ty  pharmolo,zoe,and  yasmin           also  jeannette           thanks  for  your  positive  comments,and  for  making  a  relative  newcomer  to  journal  land  so  welcome.          that  new  chatroom  is,i  think,the  new  face  of  chatrooms,and  can  many  more  people  start  using  it.  you  can  see  and  hear  each  other  if  you  got  webcams  and  mikes.nasty  bloody  shock  for  poor  yasmin        lol    sorry  love.im  a  scary  sight  when  you  not  expecting  it         lolol     and  zoe,you  got  great  sense  of  humour  considering  what  youve  been  through.       take  care  all.


cayasm said...

Your welcome Morton.


pharmolo said...

You're more than welcome, Morton

ninareade said...

ohhh i am jealous now, you never got your webcam out for me !!! and where is this journals chatroom ??  dont worry mort, hang your mistletoe on your belt and i will be pleased to kiss you under it and you will be full of christmas spirit <weg> xxxxxxx Nina