Thursday, 29 November 2007


just   went  through  to  mums  room,she  went   to  bed   while  ago,and  she  is  crying.lot  of  pain,dressing  that  bloody  useless  nurse  put  on  is  off,and  her  foot  looks  dreadful,red  shiny  and  swollen.obviously  infected  badly.must  ring  drs  first  thing  and  get  her  in  to  see  him. i  redressed  toe,hope  she  gets   good  night.  im  tired  out,but  got  feeling  its  going  to  be  a  long  night.  thank  god  for  this  thing.think sometimes  how  lonely  a  lot  of  carers  are. im  not  the  only  one,far  from  it,and  its  a  lonely  life  at   times.   think   i  feeling  sorry  for  myself,which  really  isnt  me  at  all.  just  worried  sick,and  angry.  take  care  all


cayasm said...

Morton I don't blame you for being upset, as you say get onto the doctor first thing also I would say something about the Nurse as she clearly is'nt dressing the toe properly. Don't worry about having a moan this situation must be hard on both of you.

Take Care


jeadie05 said...

So sorry your Mum is in such pain ,and you are bound to be tired out with it all ,good idea to see the Doc today ,Hope the builders dont cause you to much mess Jan xx

pharmolo said...

Keep us updated, Morton - is a visit to hospital an idea?