Friday, 6 June 2008

how does my garden grow

well,its a wet day in norfolk,in fact its pouring down with rain.   we are soon going shopping at Fakenham,just thought i would post before we go out.  mums visitor was here yesterday,they seem to get on so well,i was able to get in garden for a while,   cut the front grass  etc.  now,  traceys boss was SUPPOSED to inform us when she was coming back,  haven't heard from her.  so this morning i was up at.6.35  made mum a cup of tea,and was in the bathroom,when i heard a knock on the door.    when i went       tracey.   typical efficiency  lol.  anyway,mum wasn't going to rush up,i wanted  my  tea  and ciggy,so  tracey had a cup with mum in edroom  and  went.  she has wrote car off,  braked and skidded  into a van.    maybe in future  she will drive more slowly in wet weather???  ya think???  no  nor me  lol.  anyway   heres a few  pics of the garden  hope  you all enjoy them.

 peony,not very big this year.  nor lasting  very long in the wet.

 poppy,perennial    if ya really want  to know,papaver orientalis        

   this rose was here when i moved in 15 years ago     badly overgrown      it smells  gorgeous

  growing well arent  they??   will post soon what  they look like  now       this was taken week or so ago

well,i had better get ready soon     will need a boat if it keeps raining like it is at the moment   lol  take care all


jeadie05 said...

Have a lovely day in Fakenham ,so pleased Tracy is back it will take some of the pressure of you ,letting you come round more gently with your cuppa and fag ,so pleased your Mum and her friend are still getting on so well ,the peony is gorgeous such a lovely colour ,its fine here so fingers crossed thats how it will stay ,Have a lovely day to you both ..Jan xx

pamal3 said...

Hey my fav other man. Have a wonderful day In Fakenham. Buy yourself something nice. You deserve It. Glad Tracey Is okay. Weather Is nice here today... lol (boast boast) I will be quiet now cos It will be chucking It down tomorrow!! lol. Pictures are great. Beautiful flowers. well done you. ;-) Love Pam xx

shrbrisc said...

beautiful flowers

frankandmary said...

I love boating but not on my lawn ;-).  The rose is a beauty.  So many you buy now are hot house & have no smell, shame that.
Tracey came a little after 6:35?  Errr. Uhm. Ha, maybe you could work out a NORMAL time with her.
Hope you are feeling a bit better. ~Mary

lanurseprn said...

I'm glad she wasn't hurt in the accident. Stay safe in the rain. Your flowers are beautiful Mort! You definitely have the talent for gardening.  I don't have that talent....nope....only thing that survives around here is a cactus plant!
Have a great weekend.
Love ya, Pam xoxox

jhorky said...

Mort I hope you and mum have a wonderful time away from home, if she went with you.  When my brother in law had to have so much of his somach removed after cortizone ate it up they put him on 9 asprin a day at one time.  He was in wheel chair and had to have built up fork and spoon cause his hands would not close enough.  He was extremely crippled with his arthritis.  I wonder if asprin would help the pain in the ankle??  You know I love your flowers.  I put as pic of my rose bush that we have cut flat to the grouind trying to get it  to die is prettier than ever.  Lucy

cayasm said...

A very early morning call, oh well least she turned none the worse for her accident. The flowers are lovely, your so green fingered, anything living in my house or garden immediately gives up the Regards to Mum, and hope you feeling a bit better.

Take care


jjdolfin9 said...

Glad to hear that Tracey is OK.  Too bad about her car.  You flowers are beautiful and I can tell how much you love them.  Very nice work Mort.
Hugs, Joyce

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Mort ..... garden is looking lovely.  Sorry to hear you've had so much rain, i thought that only happened in Cornwall need to get some slug pelets for my tubs, the slugs are dining out to often !!!
Take care, luv Jaynee X

jacsher said...

The flowers are beautiful.  the best to you on that side of the Pond.  Always enjoy the journal and your entries.  There is a lot of love for life there along with the suffering.  Take care friend..   Jack

Anonymous said...