Friday, 6 June 2008


you will have  seen the last entry    and  will have  seen my  selection of those  whos  journals and frienship have  touched me        well   please  visit  zoe  will you all??   her  dad  is  terminally ill and  she  is distraught      as  i would  be  if it was  my mum.   her journal  is       Domestic Chaos  please  leave  her your comments,  she  really  does  need  our  prayers  and  love.   also  lisa    Please don't take life for granted.  her  last  entry  i have  just  read      again   she  needs  our  prayers  and  love       thanks  jland   mort 


rdautumnsage said...

I posted on Call for support for her hon. Hopefully people will stop by and let her know we are all here for her. You can check it out here:

(Hugs) Indigo

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you so very much.
Hugs to you my friend

pamal3 said...

I have popped over to them both. Love Pam xx

shrbrisc said...

sending prayers their way

jacsher said...

Thou art a truly caring guy! .................. Also a sharing one also....  Jack

zoepaul6968 said...

Thanx for your help hun,and oddly I have found three people I lost due to them changing their blog addresses,maybe they didnt want me to know lol,but hey I shall bother them anyway as you do,hope you are feeling ok today mwahh zoe xx