Friday, 6 June 2008

oops she did it again lol

I am deeply touched,pam    Almost 40! has done another award.  this time  its for special friend     the people  who have touched  her life.   well im very pleased  to get mine,  and  i am still looking through the others she awarded  it to.  where i found amandas journal   Amanda and the Gang .  glad  i did      very well written    and a fellow gardener.   still waiting  that  strawberry amanda lol. 

you know  pam is right,  we  all read  each others journals,  comment,  care  for each other,but  its  taken pams award  to make me realise  just how close jlanders  really are to each other      when i started  my  journal last year  i had  read 1 journal in  my life.  thats  all   ninas  Overtaken by snails, life in the slow lane  it was her who gave  me the inspiration and  courage to start  this heap  of ramblings.  so ya know who to blame  lol.  i was always "into" chat  rooms,  made  a  lot of wonderful,close friends  on there.  1 in particular lol.  when i first started  reading other journals,i didnt think  jland  was  any where  like chatrooms,  that  you couldnt  make  friends  in this way.  how  very  wrong  i was.     i still spend a lot of my online time on IM to my friends,but  gradually i find  i am spending more and more time  reading  journals as well.   and  i am glad i do.  or else  i would  never  have  met  you all.

ok,  i have  made  so  many  new friends  on  jland,  its  really hard  to pick my best friends.   but  like pam,  here are the ones  that  i enjoy,and  in fact,in some cases  talk to   either  on im   or  mail.  starting  with  you  nina,  Overtaken by snails, life in the slow lane, lucy.bless her  day-to-day-life-by-Lucille4364,pam,that cup of tea  is waiting  when you come  "over the pond"Times of My Life, One Nurse's Story,zoe,  who has  become a good friend  and an inspiration Domestic Chaos,jaynee       think pink hun lol    Single Girl,yasmin  IS'NT SHE GREAT!!,jan Serendipity,indigo   a wonderful writer Raven's Lament,jack ShipsLog,sybil  SYbil,jane    well deserved for a brave  lady A journey of another kind....,june  MIDNIGHT,karen  a newcomer  to jland but  i know from chatroom blog of a disaster prone woman!,jenny  you rock girl  all the time  lolBoredom Eats Away At Me,ally  a fellow norfolk writer Life with ally,lisa  another  brave lady Please don't take life for granted.,kelly  Pride and Prejudice,  mary   who sadly lost her beloved  dad   Just Mary,  i must  mention guido,  we  all know him,and miss his Northern Trip,  thanks  guido,  and  lastly       and   the reason i am doing this entry   pam   Almost 40!.  whos last entry  for  "sentence of the week"  made  me spit  my cup of tea  all over this keyboard  laughing      have a look and see why  lol    thanks  my dear friend.

please note also,  i may comment on your journal,but i havent mentioned  you here.  that doesnt mean i dont enjoy your entries.  the fact i comment  means  i do,just that  i cant mention you all,  i just counted  there is another 20 or more  yet that  i now read, new ones being added  all the time,  but  i tend to read journals  rather haphazardly,if  any of my friends are online  i am usually talking to them,or  maybe  there  is a quiz  in chat,or i am playing  poker.   jland  is a part  of my online life.   a  lovely  part     but  just  one part.   THANK YOU ALL,THOSE MENTIONED,THOSE NOT,FOR ALL THE ENJOYMENT  YOU HAVE GIVEN ME,AND WILL CONTINUE TO GIVE ME IN THE FUTURE.   i will TRY  and  email  all those  mentioned    please  add  the tag  to sidebars,  anyone  i  miss  and  read  this  feel free to snag  it for your journal.  AND  INDEED  IF I HAVE  EVER COMMENTED  ON YOUR JOURNAL  PLEASE  ADD  IT TO YOURS,  YOU ARE  STILL A FRIEND EVEN IF  NOT MENTIONED.    take  care  all     


jhorky said...

You are so special , Mort.  You do have as lot of mailing to do.  Will be back.  Lucy

cayasm said...

Thanks Mort, really appreaciate it, also hardly recognised your journal you've added to your side bar ..nice...Regards to Mum

Have a good weekend

Take care


zoepaul6968 said...

I know this is a big favour to ask hun,but could you do me an appeal for people to come to my blog,as alot of people have lost me on alerts etc as time has gone on,and my news is not good,therefore I have no ability to write to everyone I know individually to tell them what is going on,if you read my last entry you will understand,sorry to ask this,but I consider you to be a good friend and will understand what I am going through,take care speak soon zoe xx

jacsher said...

I think in a relatively short period of time you have touched a lot of folk, in many areas of the world.  Nice reading the Journal.  Thanks for the thoughts and  award.  Nice of you.
Take care now and the best to Mum.   jack

mjgm1954 said...

Hi sweetie! I got your emails. thank you for the opportunity to pray for others. That is a blessing and a priveledge!
we got a new episode of the doctor. he has a daughter! lol  was mad that she died but she popped back to life just like her dear old dad  lol  martha jumped ship again  pooh i will miss her   take care, love june

rdautumnsage said...

Thank you once again dear friend. Your words touch my heart. I've come to truly value your friendship in my life. (Hugs) Indigo

chefkelly25 said...

Hi Mort,
thanks for the tag, but I think I need help.  How do you snag a tag and what does that mean exactly?

lanurseprn said...

Hi Mort...that was so sweet of you to give me this award. I've enjoyed your journal and getting to know you. You're a special friend, too! I hope you continue to come visit me when I'm back from this little break. It won't be's just that I am only in the mood to read journals, and not write in my own right now.
You can bet I'll be coming over the pond someday!!! I'd like to next year....and I'll look forward to sharing some tea with you.
Love you, Pam xoxox

jeadie05 said...

Thankyou dear Mort ,When AOL opened the journal chat room I went there a few times and thats where we met ,and havent looked back have we hee hee ,.love to you both ...Jan xx

pamal3 said...

Hey, my other fav man. Thank you so much. It would seem I owe an awful lot to Nina. That flaming £50 note got all torn and I had to launch It! Never mind I have attached a £100 to the bottom of this. lol.  ;-)Love Pam xx

shrbrisc said...

She is such a sweetheart and so are you

frankandmary said...

Thank you so much, Morton :-). ~Mary

jmoqueen said...

Bless ya Morton xx  that's so sweet :o)  I'm very touched x


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