Tuesday, 15 April 2008

feet and yards

third attempt        aol decided to crash before i could save       tut             not posted  lately,had an attack  of the fuzzies as someone with MS i know calls  it.   you know  what  you want  to say,but  nothing  comes  out.so  here  we go again      lets  see if i can get  this  posted.            mum has had an awful time with her feet         in awful pain      yesterday we went to chiropodists for her appointment.  she  was  in there  20  mins,had  feet  cut about,has infection   between toes,and  gout  is causing lot of problems.  chiropodist explained she should never have had  the shower she had  friday,  as  getting  wet had made the infection worse,also  carer hadn't dried between  toes  properly.    so  mum  came  home  in tears,feet  bandaged  up         with orders to keep dressings on   until next  thursday  when she goes again.     this has been going on for so long now for her  and  she  really  is  being  brave,but  she  went  to  bed  a  while  ago,and  i  could  hear  her  crying.          and  that's  my  mum.      hate  this  for  her.  i had  words  with  carer  today                  all  im  saying  on  that.

weather  not  been   brilliant,we have had a lot of frosts,  my greenhouse  had  turned  into the dumping  ground for  all the appliances that have gone wrong  lately,tv,fridge,tumble drier.   brian  finally          and  i  mean  about bloody  time  lol      took them away  for  us  on his  truck           so  i  was able  to  get  in and  work.  in  3 places  rats have tunnelled  under  greenhouse  and  damaged  the  cement base boards   causing  the glass to slip down 2 inches.           so i  did  all that,its  now  all secured            and  2  rat traps  sit  baited  in greenhouse                  must  remember  to  watch  toes.             bought  several  plug plants from Morrisons spermarket         really  good  value        15  geraniums          24  petunias     which  i  got  41  from.24  double  petunias,43  from,and  2  times  24  busy  lizzies.   2  flower pouches  already  planted  up  with  busies,  rest  been  pricked  inyo  larger  cell trays  ready  for  hanging  baskets  and  pots.    maybe  spring finally  coming?  had  meant  to  write  more        will post  again  soon             thanks  to  all  my  jland  friends  for  your  kind  comments,i'm sorry  if ive  not  been  visiting  some  of  you for  while.        hope  to  get  round you  all  soon            just  not  been  good  time  lately           and       maybe    just  maybe  lol         i  am  missing  someone  special    who  has  gone  to  spain  for  2  weeks.          and  apparently             the  weather  not  very  good  there either           take care  all         


cayasm said...

Hi Mort sorry to hear about your mum must be awful for her, especially with no pain relief available, and your not feeling to good either. You didn't mention donald and Jem have they stopped comming round. the weather was quite warm here today, though got got quite chilly in the afternoon. you did well with the plants from Morrisons my mum always had Busy lizzies, though African violets were her favourite.

Regards to your mum

Take care


jacsher said...

glad to see you are well enough to post.  You must handle the MS really well.   I know the aggravation caused by lack of attention to details on Mum's toes has to be frustrating with everything else that has piled up.  Anyway it is great to read the entry and know you are up and around.  Hang in there!...Jack

lanurseprn said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum being in so much pain. I feel bad for people who deal with pain daily.
Watch your toes in that greenhouse with those rat traps laying about. What a nightmare that would be to get your foot caught in one! OUCH!
Glad you got your old appliances hauled off. I'm lucky, my brother has a truck and he hauls off stuff when I need that done.
Hope you have a good evening...and give your Mum an extra big hug for me ok?
Hugs and love to you Mort,
Pam xoxox

jjdolfin9 said...

I'm sorry you were feeling fuzzy Mort.  I'm really sorry for your mother as well and know how hard it in on you as well.  She is your mother and you hate to see her suffer.  Prayers for both of you.
Hugs, Joyce

pharmolo said...

Still think it's awful your mum is left in so much pain. Will email.

ally123130585918 said...

Mort I am so sad your Mum is in so much pain ~ in this day and age you would think there would be something they could do to ease her pain ~ it must be dreadful for you hearing her crying ~ Glad you are getting things done in the Greenhouse ~ hope you can get rid of those rats ~ I was looking at those plants in Morrisons didn't buy any though maybe I will when I go there next time ~ you sound like you got some good bargains ~ Ally x

jeadie05 said...

So sorry your poor Mum has been in such pain ,hope the chiropodist has made  her more comfortable ,and sorry to hear you are a fuzzy ,hope that clears to soon ,Well done getting rid of the duff appliances ,and sorting out your gereenhouse ,you always seem to keep busy ..love Jan xx

jhorky said...

Told you I was going to visit Journals.  I don't get an alert when you post but you had said you were going to so decided to check in. Your poor mum.  She is a brave lady.  Sounds like you have done a lot to your greenhouse.  Can't wait to see when it warms up.  Must go.  Joe and Spunky just got home.  Lucy

jmoqueen said...

morton, just take care of yourself and your mum.........don't you be worrying about us here in j-land we can take care of ourselves if you know what I mean xx  Your poor mum :(  It saddens me to think the carers aren't doing a very good job.  Give her a big hug from me xx



pamal3 said...

Hello my fav other man, I totally sympathise, There Is nothing worse than finishing an entry and not being able to save It! Very frustrating, speaking of which, I am glad you had words with that so called carer. Hmmm. I feel really vexed for your mum. What a shame having to go through all that pain. I hope It all gets better for her and fast. You keep your chin up and take It easy In that garden. lol. I know! I am moaning at you again. Mind your toes!!! ;-) Love Pam xx

mjgm1954 said...

Hi Dearie! I am feeling some better. able to be online a few minutes at a time without feeling tired and sleepy.  You know i have diabetes right? whenever i have something i need heal on my feet i do 2 things , i use a natural aniseptic, such as oil of oregano or hydrogen peroxide,   or even calamine lotion.then i prop my feet up on a massager that vibrates gently with a heat feature as well. the blood is able to circulate and it helps heal faster. Even for just tiredness this helps my feet feel like new.   I notice nurses and such dont take care of patients feet, with diabetes i have to take care of my feet and pamper them. whenever i vist any one in hospital the first thing i do is massage feet and trim the toenails. I have so many footfiles even a battery operated one , lol  well  getting tired so will end here , xxx june

purplemist65247 said...

shame about the rain...sister had it for 5 outa her 7 days never mind she will be back soon and lots of internet cafes there so u can still chat...take care x

sybiljb said...

Hi Mort, so sorry to hear that your mum is having so much pain with her feet.
I hope she is feeling better today.
Those tomatoes will be so good. We have about twelve plants we just put out. Take care and hello to mums.

woodsrnd694 said...

Hey Bud,

Hope your mother's feet heal up real soon! Bless her heart! I now she has to be in real pain! I now it tough! I hope you get to feeling better soon! hang in there! It sounds like to me you have your work cut out for you with all those flowers you have! I need to split a fern and don't seem to be able to get around to it!lol your in my prayers!

God Bless