Sunday, 20 April 2008

sundays child................aches

well,as many  of you lovely people who left comments  rightly said,today  i am paying  for  yesterdays exertions.       to  put it mildly      i  bloody  ache all over  lol.       went in greenhouse first  thing,smells  so much better in there           rat  traps were unsprung,bait  not been  touched.         maybe  rats  dont  like  all that  water  i used  in there?        whatever  i am glad  i did it.         start getting  some containers  done this  week,bought  4  fuchsias  friday  for £1.99            again  in  Morrisons   (  another  free  plug  Morrisons  please  note.   please  send  cheques  lol )    and  they  can be  planted  straight  into  my  wall pots.        plastic   troughs   that  hang  on  wall.     

even  aching  so  much   there  was  still loads  to do,lunch  to  prepare  and cook,2 loads  washing   done  and dried,  hoovered    cleaned  kitchen floor.  then  ate  lunch,and  went  to bed  for  3 hours  lol              mum  said  her  feet         and  the  little  toe  is  still  very  painful      were  so  much  better  in  new  shoes.       worth  every  penny  then.

lastly,  and  this  is  a  plea.     a good friend on  here  is  carer  to  her  daughter,who  has  MS.  she  is  only  21 in  june              was  diagnosed  at  17         and  she  has  it  very  bad           really aggressive,         and now      she   has  another  chest infection.   her  mum  is  scared,   as  she  knows  only  too  well  that   emma   could   easily  die  from  it.           this  poor  girl   has  been  through  so  much  pain         in  a  very  young  life,and  that  is  why   this plea.         

PLEASE,   REMEMBER  EMMA  IN  YOUR  PRAYERS  TONIGHT      AND  HER  MOTHER  WENDY        FOR  STRENGTH  TO  COPE  THROUGH  A  DIFFICULT  TIME.            i  know  that   you  will  all  wish  emma  well         and  to  those  in  pain     and  sick          and  scared          may  you  all  find  peace      thanks  jland.     take care  mort


cayasm said...

Despite your aches and pains you've still had a busy day, be care ful don't do too much. Glad your mum is more comfortable. Best wishes to your friend.

Take care


woodsrnd694 said...

Hey Bud,

I will keep young emma in our prayers and you also! Hope you getting to feeling better aqnd get over your soreness! Maybe you have rid yourself of the pest! You really work hard! just hang in there!

God Bless


jjdolfin9 said...

Remembering Emma and her mum in my prayers as well as Mort and his mum.
Hugs, Joyce

jeadie05 said...

Yes of course I will be praying for your Friends Mort ,Hey what did your Aunty Jan tell you ,ease up ,Rome wasnt built in a day ,Im pleased you had that kip for three hours you must have needed it ,love to your Mum so pleased she is finding her new shoes comfy ..have a good  relaxing day !! Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Mort hope you have got rid of those rats for good ~ perhaps you drowned them :o) ~ sorry you are aching so much but you were warned LOL ~ glad you Mum is feeling more comfortable those shoes were indeed worth every penny ~ will keep your friend Emma in my thouths and prayers as I do you and your Mum ~ Ally x

jmoqueen said...

Poor emma :(  My thoughts and best wishes to her and her mum Wendy.  Sorry to hear that you are suffering but at least it's not been in vain huh?  If the rats have gone xx  


pamal3 said...

Hey my fav other man. I hope you have the Radox out (you can buy It from Morrison's I hear....note to Morrison's, I want halfer's with Mort! lol. Glad you are rat free, hope your mum Is okay, tell her I say hello. I will pray for Emma and her mum Wendy. What a very sad story, life can be so cruel. Love, as always, Pam xx  xx< extra 2 for emma and wendy.

pharmolo said...

Got to give to you Mort, you're not going to let a minor irritant like MS get in your way, are you? Sorry to hear of the health concerns for your friend Emma.

jacsher said...

Sorry you are paying for yesterday, evidently you are hanging in there though.
Yes we will remember Emma ans Wendy,  such a mean disease.  Bless you Mort.

chefkelly25 said...

Hi Mort,
Thanks for stopping by my journal.  I do hope your aches subside.  I'll send a barn owl your way to help with the rats.  We will all pray for your friends daughter.  Glad your mom is getting relief from her shoes.  Stay positive.

mjgm1954 said...

Will remember Wendy and Emma in my prayers . and you and mum as well.   I dont blame you for doing as much as you can even if it is pain later. You are courageous and not giving in. Bravo!  Live your life to the fullest and claim your victory in Christ . He promised us that he bore our stripes and defeated death . I tell myself this everyday Mort! Lord knows I have to keep myself from giving up this battle with diabetes.  When i feel hopeless i say why bother and eat cake! then i feel half dead, lol  am going to our prayer journa now to remember your friends,  take care luv! june

funnyface0s0 said...

Don't you ever stop ?!!?!?   your a human dynamo ...LOL.......Hope Mum's feet are feeling a little better today.     What a lovely friend you are to Emma & Wendy, they are both in my prayers.
Luv Jaynee XX