Saturday, 19 April 2008

rats revenge (nearly)

mum has  had  hell of a time, feet sore,  been  hobbling about. i ordered  her some new shoes  out of club  book,came  thursday, she  tried  them on,bearing in mind her toes  are still bandaged         and for the first time in ages        she   felt  comfortable n shoes,well  more like a slipper  really,velcro fastening.   so   little  bit  more  comfort  for  her until we go  to see  chiropodist  on thursday.

now,remember  them  rats  in  greenhouse?  set 2  traps??  all  baited??        well       i  caught  1  rat,       great            1  dead         ( sorry  anyone  who  dont  like  it         i  love  animals            any  are  welcome               except   rats           vile  creatures)  so   i  got  me  gloves  on to  remove  from  trap          and  forgot  the  other  bloody  trap.put  me  foot  on  it                    and                 SNAPPPPPP.      good  job  i  whipped me  foot  away   fast            very   lol             or  i  would  have  toe  problems         as  in  no toes       that  made the  blood  flow  faster  lol.    you  did  say  pamal             wished  i had  listened  love lol

so  today,  i  decided  i  must  really  attack the  rest  of  the greenhouse,  its a 10 by 8 Robinson aluminium       and  they  are  the  rollsroyce  of  greenhouses.     i  won  it about 15  years ago  just  after  we  moved  in here,it  was  the  first prize  in a new monthly gardening  magazine,i  entered  the competiton,            and  won        £1300 worth       erected  for  me          staging  on 1 side              and  that   had  to  be  cleared                    i  moved  plants  etc  onto  other side  staging           took  everything  off,i  got  wood  under  staging  all  my  pots,cell trays  and  seed trays on  it.        the  lot  went  outside                  staging  taken  out                 and i  just  stood  there                   the  bloody  rats had  burrowed  under             earth  all up,hole  in  bottom  of  side               a  mess.           now  at  the  end of  the greenhouse,i  had  a  desk       one  of  them  metal framed types               doesnt  everyone  have a desk  in their  greenhouse?????  lol                 got  3  draws            decided  that  had  better  come  out  as  well

now,i  keep  all my  seeds  in  a plastic  seed  store  in  1  draw    various  odds  and  ends                and  as  i wasn't  well last  year  i  stopped  doing  veg  garden,   so  i  havent  been  in  those  draws  for  ages.            so  i pulled  them  out           and  nearly  was  sick.          full of  rat  droppings,  2  bloody  rats nests,empty  i am  so glad  to  say.         they  stunk.            so  i  emptied  them into  bin,just  few  things  ok,rest  dumped.                 and  i  dismantled  the  desk,   and  disposed  of  it.          i have  my  own  rubbish  dump  right  up top of garden,hidden  behind  bushes,  graveyard  of  a  lot  of  crap  over  years.             the  woodchip  will  rot  down              soon   go. there  was  a huge  hole  in  corner            rat  tunnels  every  where                 so  out  came  my  pressure  washer                             and  i  blasted  the  whole  ground,  dug  it  over,raked  and  flattened  it  and                   clean  greenhouse.          staging  from  side  i  just  cut down  by a foot  to  fit                   made  a potting  area  from  large  piece  of  worktop,job  done.          and  i  hope                     very  wet  n  muddy  rats  if  any  there  lol.

i  get  asked,   so  if  you  got  MS,  and  back  trouble            how  can  you  do  all  you  do??               the  answer??        i  have  to  do  it,theres  only  me.       and   it  took  me  8  hours  to  do  i  may  add.            tomorrow  i  won't   hardly  walk,tonight  my shoulder  is  on fire              going  to  be a sleepless  night.                 but         i  did it.        grobag  in  border  planted  with  2  tomatoes  i had  given  me            lot  of  difference  from  3  years  ago,boarder  was  filled  with  5  bags  compost  and  grew  12  tomatoes.                 and  gave  most  away,just  couldnt  eat  them fast  enough.           anyway,going  to bed             take care all                       


pamal3 said...

Hello my fav other man. Aren't we the night owl's this evening? lol That's mad about the Rat trap! Yes! you had better listen to me from now on young man! lol. I am glad It wasn't more serious. I was thinking about your mums feet the other morning at 7am when the weather was on! I don't know why! I was really thinking of her pain. What a shame. I am glad these shoes that you have bought are a bit better for her. 8 hours?? I am shaking my head! You make sure you get plenty of rest tomorrow. Sleep well Mort. Love Pam xx

cayasm said...

Blimey Mort I got tired just reading this, I tried to do a spot of gardening the other day and my back gave out, two days of hardly being able to, hopefully you got rid of all the rats. Good to hear your mum is more comfortable.
Have a good sunday don't do too much

Take care


jjdolfin9 said...

Hope you are not too sore tomorrow and that you sleep well.  Some of the things you do could be left I'd say.  Just like a man to think he has to do
Hugs, Joyce

mjgm1954 said...

HELLO DEARIE! I agree with all comments for yuo to get rest tommorow. You earned a day off. sounds all clean and lovely now.  I hate rats. they carry nasty diseases, yucky!!! My April has a few of them and i can't breathe in her room.actually its just the one blue rat and the rest are mice, still yuck to me.
I am so happy for your mum. I am a lady that likes her comfy shoes as well. Have not worn heels in years.even when young i never cared for them. you take such care of her.please take care of yourself too , hugs , june

lanurseprn said...

I'm so glad your Mum has comfortable shoes. That makes such a huge difference!

The rats...UGH....all of that would have made me sick to my stomach. I'd have been throwing up right there! NOT a pretty sight! I'm glad you didn't lose a toe in that trap! That would have been a nightmare.

You really did a LOT of work today! WOW! How do you get your energy? I think you need to come here so I can put you to work, ok? I'll nurse you back to health the next day. Deal? <sly grin>
Hope you're not too sore tonight and tomorrow. Take a nice hot bath, some Ibuprofen, and REST!!
Thank you for all of your lovely comments Mort. You are such a sweetheart.
Lots of love to you, Pam xoxox

jeadie05 said...

Iam so pleased your Mum has some comfy shoes now ,you are a good son ,as for those rats ,yes I agree ,I hate them ,we had one ? under our decking (rats love decking ) yukIrang the council and a man came out with his containers of blue stuff ,then we saw another one earlier this year and caught in a trap ,I am afraid in the Fens there are many I hate them ,Ithink having Kizzie deters them now ..hope so anyway Dont forgewt Sunday is a day of rest ,you deserve yours today lol  just do what you have to and no more ..there you have been nagged by your Aunty Jan , Jan xx

woodsrnd694 said...

Hey Bud,

So glad your mother shoes fit well and she is able to wear them.  Those rats sound like a huge promblem.  A good Cat would help out in that area! We always keep one around the barn they help keep them a way! How's The Toe?? I bet the blood did flow fast! Hang in there and God Bless!


ally123130585918 said...

Mort I am glad you got your Mum some shoes that she can wear and they are comfortable ~ I agree rats are horrible we have them in our woodpile but our neighbour soon gets rid of them for us ~ sounds like you have been really busy clearing out the greenhouse ~ glad I didn't undo the draws to your desk and glad also there wasn't any live rats still in them ~ well done on getting those tomato plants in ~ hope you don't suffer to much pain from overdoing it ~ you take care ~ Ally x

jacsher said...

WATCH THE RAT TRAP!!!!!  Yeah I know too late.  Sounds like you are determined to be a doer.  Many folk would have given up!  I sure hate it that a guy has to suffer,  after doing work that needs to be done.  
The green house sounds great though.  That sounds like a great prize!  i know you have enjoyed it over  the years,  to bad the Rats decided they wanted it, without RENT!  Take care guy, and hang in there.  I know you will Hang tough, for you and Mum!  ..Jack

pharmolo said...

Well done on trapping the one rat, and am pleased your mum is making progress on the foot front. And well done as well for clearing out the greenhouse!

jmoqueen said...

Surely it's better to get it done regardless of what speed you do it at then for it to just fester.  Especially with those rats everywhere.  I think you are an amazing person to keep going.  A lesser person would've caved!!  Glad you managed to find your mum some shoes :o)


funnyface0s0 said...

i feel worn out after reading all of that omg you were lucky with not trapping your own toes.... let that be a lesson
Luv Jaynee X