Tuesday, 4 March 2008

backed up

  i am  hobbling  about,using walking  stick  i  may  add,like old  man   75       (  55  on  sun  march  9th         send  cheques         lol )   i  have  popped   a  disc.       now  bearing  in  mind  i  had   a  discectomy   over  14  years  ago,1  disc  removed,and  i  have  3  more  discs  crumbling         you  would  think  i  would  have more  sense.   am  i  right???      wrong.  lol

  yesterday  i  decided  to  take  that  lovely  basket  of  flowers  over  to  pam,so  she  could  see  what they  looked  like.      now  it  was  quite  heavy,and  so  they  were'nt  damaged  i  put  them  on  passenger  seat,drove  over   to  see  her.   only  lives  15  mins  away,  mum  got  tv  on,cordless  phone  in  bag  on  zimmer  frame,  so  i  knew  she  was  ok.   pulled  up  outside  pams,   and  rather  than  going  round  and  undoing  passenger  side  door  and  taking  them  out  there,i  lifted  them  over   drivers  side,twisted  round to  get  out.      and  felt  it  go  out.          owwww.       agonising.       pam  saw  them             was  impressed           in  fact  so  impressed  she  rang  the  florists  and  thanked  them                 they  were  superb.              so, i  had  a  rotten  drive   back.      i  got  home,still  in  agony           and  was  then  daft  enough  to  set  them  out  in  front  garden.    ok  i  know             i'm  mad.      but  they  did  need  to  go  out.   somehow,and  i  really  don't  know  how,i  planted  them  all.watered  them  in   and  came   indoors  and  collapsed.

  today  i  could  hardly  get  out  of  bed,  i  had  to  go  to  Wells,needed   electric        and   prescriptions.           bloody  murder.                  i  really  am  in  lot  pain.       and   am  an idiot.          i  should  know  better.  but  i  never learn.  lol

 those  of  you  who  have  read  my  inane  burblings  in  past  will  remember  i  praised  a  friend  who  won  slimmer  of  the  week  other   week.  she  has  now   lost  a  stone  exactly.             well  done.           still  a  bit  to  go.            she  doing  well.

many thanks  for  all  your   kind  comments.     i  now  read  over  20  journals                thanks  for guido  in  part  for  the  jland  group,pam  for  editors   choice,  and  dumb  luck.  lol                     in  lot  pain  so  am  going  to  bed.         duck  update,             still  coming  every   day,and  now  starting  to  keep  at mine   longer.    soon  will  be   keeping  here  most   of  day.   bless.  take  care  all


cayasm said...

Awww Mort sorry to hear you back's gone again I know how painful that can be, but not a lot you can do, wishing you a speedy recovery, regards to your mum

Take care


woodsrnd694 said...

Hey Bud,
I'm so sorry about that back I know it's painful!!  Bud, You have plenty of Sense!! I think it's a man thing we just don't think sometimes!! Well that's what my wife tells me! and she is such a smart lady!! Yeah! Right!   I know I do a lot of just "STUPID" things!!  But, I guess that what's makes us be us!!  Right? Right! God you read 20 Blogs don't see how you have time!! I work just keeping up with the 6 or 7 that I read but, you know what I just can't wait to get home and see what's going on with all y'all!!  OH!  by the way I think if you really need extra Mothering (I don't know if that's actually a word!) or in your case MUMMYING! (Took we a while to think of that one!!!) Miss Lucille is ready to adopt you!!lol  I think she really enjoys talking to you !! She emailed me and told me that you could probably tell me how to get pictures on my blog!!lol  BLESS HER HEART!! I just love her!!  well talk to you later!!


lv2trnscrb said...

so sorry you are hurting so bad; sounds really painful, I hope you get relief soon


jeadie05 said...

Oh Mort Iam so sorry to hear about your back ,I know just how you feel ,I have done similar in the past,and it is agony ,you will have to rest it and just do only what you can ,pleased you ducks are staying longer each day how rewarding ,love to your Mum ...love Jan xx

zoepaul6968 said...

First of all,happy birthday for sunday,I am busy reading back through your blog,so apologies for any ignorance on my part.I know everyone tells you to rest up,but I kinda understand why you want to keep doing things you know you will pay for later,its determination not to be dragged down by illness and condition,its what drives us and so is a great quality,but sometimes allow yourself a day of rest here and there,you know that already I know but as with all things,there are good and bad days,you know your own bad days and have to accomodate them too.All the best for feeling better soon,at least enough to enjoy the flowers and any sunshine we may get this millennium,love zoe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

zoepaul6968 said...

p.s I did you a little link in my blog and you are now inducted to my sidebar,poor soul lol xxx zoe

jhorky said...

Mort I do need to scold you but I will not.  There is something about, when you or anyone has something, even the flu, You just do not want to give up and admit that you feel awful or in your case, so much pain.  Since your discs are crumbling I take it that you have degenerative arthritis.  The person that styles my hair aso has that and it is  extremely painful.  He is taking powerful and a lot of pain medicine.  I am truly suprised the Dr's  let him have that much.  He has had 4 back surgeries and this last one they fused his spine.  Maybe talk to you later.

jhorky said...

Forgot to add you said you were feeling like a 70 year old, add 8 years to that and you will know how I feel.  lol  I did tell Randy in my comments  that since he was having trouble figuring out his camera, that  you would  possibly be able to advise him.  I don't think I emailed him, but you bet I like and worry about you.  Lucille

pamal3 said...

My other fav man! What am I going to do with you! You can't keep on doing so much!!! Right, that's your row over! If I was close to you I would be round there giving you what for!!. (well It was almost over!) You are too precious to me mort to be geeting laid up out of action. Birthday boy on Sunday eh?. Well you just get plenty of rest. Glad to hear the ducks, like me, are still bothering you! lol. We will keep you on your toes. ;-) Love Pam xx

jmoqueen said...

Awww won't it be nice when they visit you with the ducklings :o)  You'll definitely have to take some piccies then!!  Ouchies at your disc :(  Bless Pam ringing the florists how sweet is that!!



pharmolo said...

Sorry to hear you're in so much pain, Mort, hope that can be sorted soon. Well done for keeping going, but don't overdo it :-)

ally123130585918 said...

Nice to meet you Mort ~ sorry you have such a lot of pain and hope it will be better soon ~ Ally

jhorky said...

I am not going to bug you Mort, today.  You need a break from me hovering.  Just take care and I will bug you later.  Lucy