Saturday, 15 March 2008

double duck

firstly,thankyou to all you  lovely people  who  left comments.   i  have  been feeling  very  low,  and  when  i'm like that  best   not  try  n  post  journal entry.  but  i  don't keep down  for  long.        so  normal  rubbish  now  resumes     lol. 

i was awake  early,so  got up and  made  cuppa,and took  mum  one. thought,best  let  sooty  out  for  morning  hunting session,  and  go  back  bed.   so i  opened  back  door,and       there  were  2  ducks  sitting  on  doorstep.   one  very  nonplussed   cat had to  jump  over  them  to  get  out.   bless  i  thought,going  to  get  them  some  bread.  i  sat  on  bench near  back  door,2  VERY hungry  ducks feeding   from  hand,when  i  noticed  something.    they  weren't  jem  and  donald.  the  female  didnt  turn  head  to  look  at  me,   and  the  males  markings  were  different.   2  new  ducks.  just  then,with a lot  of  quacking,"my"  2  flew  in.    ever  seen  a  female  duck  run???  jemi  came   belting  up  path,   lol.   so  now           i  got  4.       the   new  2  didnt  stay,but   my 2   soon  had  food  and  waddled  off up  garden.  were  laying  near  my  gooseberry  bushes  nearly  all  day.          i  think  there  is   a  map  somewhere  in  duckland,  showing  my  house,  with  the  words   " here  be  an  idiot,he  feeds  you  if  you  look  hungry"  lol.  hope  they  don't tell  their  friends.  

   i  went  back  to  my  nice  comfy   bed  til  9.15,  got  up,stripped  bed,  went  and  got  papers,  had  brekky,  (  strawberries,    yummy           and  a  nana        )  then  decided  as   nice  day  i  would  repair  my  rose  arch. i  made  it  over  7  years  ago  from   wooden  trellis  panels,  with   honeysuckle  and  clematis   growing  up  it.     the  posts  for  it  were   cemented  into  ground,but  the  recent  gales   cracked  it,and  arch  was  leaning  precariously.  brian  had  tied  it  up  for  me  to  railings.   so  i  had  2  new  posts,  pushed  arch  back  to  where  it  should  be,  put  post  in  ground,started  to  hit  it  with  large  hammer                     when  the  arch   cracked,and  the  whole  top section  with  over  half  a  cwt  of  wood and  honeysuckle   clobbered  me  on  head.  the  supports  had  broken,and  the  arch  was   in   2  bits.     i  decided  it  was  beyond  repair,  so  i  took  it  out,cut  plants  back  hard,and  dumped  the  broken  bits  of  arch  up  top  of garden  for  burning  later.        my  garden  looks  bit  bare  without  it.but  better  that             rather  than someone  getting  it  on top  of  head. 

oh        i  did  lol

 i  even  did  all  the  hoovering              made  beds        busy  boy  lol.              so,  why  this  difference  in  me??              well,i   was  reading  a  ferw  journals  last  night,  people  with cancers,   dying             whatever         and  i  realised                   on  here          jland,chatrooms,whatever,   i   am  never  alone.        i  got  friends.  and  that  helped.     

  not  only  have  i  felt  ill,but  have  been  worried  about  mum, she  has  been  vague  just  lately.         been  staring  into  space,as  it  were,   so  today  i  couldnt  stand  anymore.           then  found out the  reason   se  is  worrying  about  me.  bless  her.  so             i been  worrying,about  mum.who  is  worrying  about  me.  no  need          i  will  be  ok.           so            take  care  all                            and  thanks  for   doing  what  i  do                         caring                             morton xxx  


jeadie05 said...

Hello Dr Doolittle Duck man ,yes I heard the ducks on the pond near us discussing you ,hee hee ....Oh bless you both worrying about each other ,you must talk about it ,you both have each other ,and love each other so both are blessed ,well done with your rose arch ,you dont stay inactive for long do you ? you really are a good un to you both Jan xx

cayasm said...

So life goes on at animal glad to hear your feeling much better in yourself, and of course your mum worries about you that what mums do, but the best thing of all you have each other and thats what counts.
regards to your mum

Take care


woodsrnd694 said...

Hey Bud,

Looks like you are going to have to expand you pond!! They may have painted a huge red X on the top of you house so they will know where to stop!lol  Hope you and your mother both get to feeling better!  Both of you in our prayers!

God Bless!


ally123130585918 said...

Mort had to laugh at the addition to your Duck friends ~ that I think is only the beginning you will soon have a gaggle of them :o) ~ more names for you to think up :o) ~ and hope your head is better after being clobbered by your rose arch ~ hope your Mum and you will be feeling a lot better and not worring about each other so much ~ Ally x

lucille4364 said...

Mort, You sound so good.  I knoew you would .  Any one with an illness like yours is going to get down but I think you are such a strong person and I admire you. Mood swings are natural and as long as you know that,  you don't have to beat yourself up.  So funny about the ducks and I bet sooty wondered if there was room for your favorite cat. Sorry about the arch but as you said better it comes foen on the ground than your head.  Now you can  come do all that wotk at my house.  Mort it is important for you and your mum to talk about what is bothering you.  Having been a mom to a son with MS  and you taking care of her she need to know when You are having a hard time copeing with life, but it will pass.  So good to hear your family has increased by 2 ducks.  Lucy

pharmolo said...

You were writing about caring in an earlier entry, Mort, as you are caring for your mum. Well, it works both ways. Must have been a quacking surprise, four ducks lol

lanurseprn said...

Hi Mort,
I laughed picturing your cat jumping over ducks to get out! LOL! What a surprise to get two new ducks visiting. I wonder if the old ducks will let them stay?

I'm glad you had enough energy to get all of that stuff done. I'm sure you will be tired after all of that. Especially after dealing with that big rose arch.

Take it easy today my friend. I'm thinking of you.
Pam xoxox

jmoqueen said...

Glad to hear your doing ok Morton and of course we are all here for you whenever you need us xx  Don't call yourself an idiot for feeding the ducks I think it's lovely :o)  I love ducks and swans but coz of all the damn seagulls they rarely get any bread when someone tries to feed them here, it's sad.


pamal3 said...

Hello my fav other man, Lol, and here is me worrying about you!!. What are we all like? I was so pleased to see your name in my email's, I rushed over. My 2 cats stared at me in horror when i laughed loud at the ducks on the doorstep being jumped over by your cat. How sweet. Mort's Delightful Duck Residence. You have started something new there! I hope your mum picks up, now that you seem to be up a wee bit. One day at a time eh? I don't like the idea of you going too far Mr Man!! lol. Sending you huge Hugs. Love Pam xx

sybiljb said...

Hi Mort, Glad you are back and feeling better. hello to your mum.

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Mort..... glad to read this entry, i could see the smile on your face and feel your energy.  Of course you have friends on here, the love you give is returned and your friends show that.    Sorry to hear of your bump on the head..... ouch..... you need some TLC, be careful boy !!
And i can quite understand your Mum worrying about you too, as my Mum did worry about me.
Take care, love to you and your Mum
Jaynee XX