Friday, 28 March 2008

chest another day

i have  been  very "chesty"  lately,  coughing a lot.   quite  unpleasant  results lol.   me  being  me  i  tried  to  ignore  it.    until  this  morning.   i  was  really  "wheezy"  and  couldnt  get  wind.       so  i  decided  to  ring  doctors  and  see  if  i could  get  an  appointment.       my surgery  are  very  good,although  Dr.M  was  fully  booked,the receptionist said  if  i  got  there  at  8.30   and  didn't  mind  waiting,she  would  fit  me  in.      so  i  went  straight  off,got  in  at  8.25    and  was  seen  at  9.30        so  very  good  i  think.  full  marks.       Dr.M  said  hi  morton,how  are  you          and  i  croaked         bit  chesty.        lol         he  examined  me,  then  said            how  long  have  you  had  this????    ermmmmm  about  2  weeks.          oh  dear             got  earache  then  lol          so,he  asked  why  the  hell  haven't  you  been  to  see  me  before???              then  explained  that  as  i  have  MS   my  immune  system  is  kaput,also  i  had  tonsil  out.        so  i  am  very  susceptible  to  infection.     and i  got  a  bad  chest  infection.      also  made  me  promise  if  i  get  any  trouble  in  future  to  go  and  see  him  at  once.        not  leave  it to  "get  better"           also  i  must  make  sure  i  have  flu jabs  evry  year.  i  do  anyway,being  carer  for  mum.  so  i  now  got  a  weeks  supply  of  antibiotics      clarithromycin  500mg           2  a  day.        bloody  great  tablets          and  make  me  feel  sleepy.        no  change  there  then  lol

one  really  unpleasant  side   effect  of  MS  is  trouble  swallowing.   sometimes  things  get  stuck  going  down.    and  tablets  are  a  nightmare,these  go  down  ok.    banana  flavour  by  taste      lol.         but  last  night  i  did  get   scared,     i  had  a  mars  bar,not  had  one for  ages          just  fancied  one         you  know  how  it  is.   so  i  took  big  bite      chewed       swallowed                and  it  stuck         and  blocked  airway            omg            wouldnt  go  down        luckily  i  had  cup of  tea on  go         swigged  hot  tea         and  it  melted            but  for  few  seconds..............         that  was  bloody  scary.  Dr.  said  my  MS nurse  had  told  him  i  was  off  the  tablets  she  had  tried  me  on            he  was going  to  get  in  touch  and  ask  about  swallowing          see  if  i  can  get  help.      linda  did  ring  later       blew  me  up  for  being  an  idiot,chewed  my  ear           and  again  i had  to  promise  to  see  him   if  any  chest  problems.   she  is  going  to  get  in touch  next  week,   see  if  she  can help.       i  hate  this  bloody  disease.          

since  i  have  been  diagnosed       i  have  made  several  new  friends        who  have    or  care  for     family  with  MS             some  are  so  much  worse  than  me          one  lady   i   am  friends  with  is  carer  for  her  young  daughter          21  in  june         and  is   sadly  very  ill.        also   Di         rushed to  hospital  2  weeks  ago          only  just  diagnosed.        seems  to  be  attacking  her  really  bad.        i  am  lucky so  far,  those  of  you  who  read  my  comments  i  receive  will  know  lucy   (jhorky)   and  that  she  lost  her  son         aged  42  with  complications   caused  by  MS.    she  worries  about me               and   lucy         bless  you  mom      lol

am  i  worried   that i will  "go  downhill fast"  as  someone  asked  me  other  day??   not  really.    i  know  i  am getting  worse        scans  showed  that.     but  it  is out  of  my  hands.     i  am  not  really  very  religious,although  i  do  believe   in  god,  i  know  many  of  my  jland  friends  are  ,   and  i  thank  you  for  your  prayers.   please remember  emma  and  di   too         they  need  your  prayers  more  than  me.      for  all  those   in  pain        may   you  all  find  peace            that  is  my  prayer.

ok        enough  gloom.        my  2  ducks  went  missing.   i  know  you  lot  more  worried  about  them  than  me         lolol.        whether  the  awful  weather  stopped  them  flying,being  so  windy  i  do  not  know.        but  no  quacks  at  6am        until  today.       2  ducks           on  step             VERY  loud  quacking        and  2  really  hungry  ducks  got  fed.   been  asleep  under  gooseberry  bushes  all  day,and  what  a  day.pouring  rain  and  gale  force  winds.

not  really  good  weather  to  go  far,but  we  had  to  go  shopping,mum  hasn't  been  out  of  house  for  2  weeks,and  she  loves  her  friday  chat  with  her  friend.      so  we  went         early  though        we  were  in  fakenham by  12,   mum  had  while  with  tracy  in  charity  shop,then  to  tescos,and  home  by  2          bloody  soaked      british  weather  at  its  best  lol.         don't  forget,clocks  go  FORWARD  one  hour  tomorrow  night          saturday  29th  march           british  summertime  begins.    well  thats  what  my  calendar  says       lol.    take  care  all         many  thanks  for  all  your  comments,and  to  all  my  new  friends  i  am  making  here  in  jland         you  are  all  a  lovely  lot.         mort.


cayasm said...

Mort sorry to hear you feeling unwell, I can never understand with doctors why they can't make soluble tablets, for those who have troble swallowing those great horse tablets they seem to give out. Glad to hear you got some support online must makes things a little easier, the weather today was shocking all that rain now I'll have to brave Tescos tommorrow Grrrr, hopefully the ducks will come back soon try not to worry, regards to your mum

Take care


jacsher said...

That was great the Dr. seeing you that soon. Lord I can imagine your fear when the mars Bar stuck.  You had to mention that, I love Mars Bars.  HA!
Hope the best for you my friend, hang in there.  Hope the chest clears up and gives you some relief.  i know the sickness plus the pressure of the responsibility of Mum can get to you.  Hope you can rest and let some of it clear up.
Care always old man.  Jack

lanurseprn said...

Hi Mort,
I had no idea you were THAT sick! I'm so glad you finally went to see the Doc. I'm not gonna lecture you....but you can't wait like that! NO MORE, OK??
Try crushing the pills and putting it in applesauce or pudding.....might be easier to swallow. Thank GOD that candy melted. Now that I've found you I don't want anything to happen to you sweetie!
Glad the ducks are well fed and resting. I can't believe how bad your weather is! We are in the midst of Spring here in California. I wish we'd have some more rain, to be honest.
Take care of yourself, and I hope you get well very soon.
Love, Pam xoxox

mjgm1954 said...

Hi mort! Oh Ihave been naughty myself. I ate several easter egg shaped milky way bars!  With my diabetes I felt bad immediately. I knew I would but ate it anyway> What is wrong with us LOL.  amyway i study nutrition everyday . I think I do as well as i do because I take so many vitamin and supplements.I just learn about the benefit of drinking apple cider vinegar in water. Cant tell from just one day but i hope it will help.  my son in law has bronchitis. He was like you, i kept saying thas a bad cough. go to doctor! but he said i will be o.k.  he is on antibiotics too. his wife is making him take probiotics so hge wont get the diahhreah that comes with the antibiotics. she is daft like me. we are hypochondriacs lol.   Please take care!  june

lucille4364 said...

My dear Mort,  I could wring your neck!!!!!!  You must learn that you need to get in at the least sign of a cold or flu  or anything.  It is a wonder you did not go into Pneumonia.  So you do know the ms has progressed quite far.  When you said that you were having a hard time swallowing and your voice had changed I was very suprised that you were still able to walk on your own.  Alan had the voice change early, I thought.  His voice was very soft like it was weak.  At that time he was still getting around on his scooter chair.  The swallowing is something that got muh worse, with Alan in the later stages.  I am glad to hear that your ducks came back.  You should have invited them in during the storm and put tiny diapers on them.  lol Mort, take care of you.  You still have mum to take care of and here I may have to come camp with mum so you can take care of me, your 2nd mom.
Lucy. PS I feel like I have been run over by a truck but will survive.

purplemist65247 said...

omg just about to eat my mars bar lol how weird is that. thanks for the reminder about clocks ... had forgotten and didnt remind the old dears at work before they left yesterday. think you need some nice warm hands loaded with vick for your chest you the world of good lol take care xxx

ukgal36 said...

hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy the extra hour of daylight

jjdolfin9 said...

Hi Mort.  I'm sorry you are under the weather.  Hopefully the medicine will do it's job quickly.  As for your swallowing problems...I don't know if this helps or not but my esophogus (if I spelled that right) tends to shrink.  I have a gastroenterologist who stretches it for me about every 3 years or so and it's great.  It's outpatient and I go home right after.  Like you, food tends to stick sometimes (especially bread products).  Sometimes, it's so bad that I think I'm having a heart attack.  Anyway, a quick scope and stretch and I'm good for a long while.  Maybe you could mention that to your doctor.  Have a good rest of the weekend my friend.
Hugs, Joyce

jeadie05 said...

I am pleased the Doc sorted you out ! and I hope the antbiotics soon kick in and you soon feel better ,Give my love to ,did she buy anything in the charity shop ?  your Mum ,sensible ducks you have there sheltering from all that awaful weather we had Jan xx

woodsrnd694 said...

Hey Bud,

I'm really sorry that you are feeling worse! You and your friends are really in my prayers maybe this medicine will clear up or at least help with you promblems! Hang in there tell you mother hello for us and get some rest!

God Bless


spriteverdixx said...

Join the club of 'being told off by the doctor for not going to see him earlier' !

Seriously though Mort - you must look after yourself.  I know how easy it is to try and ignore things thinking they will get better on their own - to not want to 'bother' the doctor - but there is nothing as important as your health.

Now take your antibiotics, dont forget you must finish the course, stay warm and chew those Mars Bars well !

ally123130585918 said...

Mort I do hope you are feeling better now ~ your Doctor is right of course you must see him as soon as you feel off colour ~ glad your ducks made a return visit ~ they certainly know where the food is :o) ~ Ally x

pamal3 said...

Mort my fav other man. I hate seeing you unwell and you must go the quacks as soon as you feel bad! Ok.I won't nag....much! I really worry about you. I need my mort to be okay. As for this horrendous disease, and our beliefs, Nothing matters. Stuff everything. I know I will meet you on the other side. Of what? I have no idea, but I will be there, moaning, nagging, and ready with open arms for my fav other man. Whether It's 10 years or 50 years, There will be no escaping me young man! ;-) Love Pam xx

sybiljb said...

Hi Mort, Sorry to here that you haven't been feeling well. I don hope you are feeling better today. Maybe your ducks has took a vacation I'm sure they will be back they know where to find food. Take care and hello to mums.

pharmolo said...

Hope your chest infection goes soon. Swallowing difficulties should really be assessed regularly, Mort - is that done?

jacsher said...

Just dropped by to see if you were feeling any better.  Hope so.  Also hope the weather is moderating enough to enjoy the outside some.  Jack