Friday, 14 March 2008

update time

just  tried  to  save  this            and  it  went.        ok       door  is  now  painted,  new  tumble  drier  coming  tuesday,   lot  wind  has  damaged  my  rose  arch.              ducks  getting  tamer  by  the  minute  lol.         oh,and  central  heating  boiler  went.    had them  out  to  repair  it  yesterday  all   ok  now.         

  so  much  more  i  had  planned  on  writing.        please    forgive  me  if  i  dont              the  ms  is not  good,          my  voice  is  going  fast,i  got  trouble  swallowing  now as well.

so,  im  taking  a  little  break           be  back  soon         this  journal  got  too  much  about  ms              not  a  lot  of  caring               take  care  all                                                                                                          


cayasm said...

glad to hear everything in good worrking order. hopefully the ducks will stay around longer, now they're a bit tamer. Sorry to hear the MS is playing up, must make life difficult at times.

Have a good weekend
Regards to Mum


woodsrnd694 said...

Hey Bud!

Hope everything is going better! I know it gets hard some times just know we are pulling for you!  My wife denise told me to tell you she would be praying for you! Glad to hear the door is painted!  The wind is kicking up here today and it's cooled off but, they say we will be up in the 80's tommorrow! Yeah! still fighting with the camera I feel like a complete Idoit!! lol  

God Bless!


jeadie05 said...

Sorry MS is having this effect on your throat ,hope it gets better soon,AOL is a pain too isnt it ? Hope your Mum is OK  ,just because your title is caring and sharing doesnt mean you cant share everything else ,we like to hear it all ,glad the painting is done love to you both ..Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Hi Mort ~ can imagine you will end up having the ducks in as pets :o) ~ sorry MS is effecting you so much at the moment hope it will get better for you ~ enjoy your little break but don't be gone for too long ~ Ally x

pharmolo said...

I hope you go back into remission soon, Mort.
Your journal is indeed about caring, but also sharing - your journey with MS. And the door story is about caring, you've been doing it for your mum.

Have a great weekend,


jjdolfin9 said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal.  I love making new friends.  I have several in the UK and belong to a tag group led by a lady from the UK.  I love how you say mum instead of mom.  That gives you away...grin.  I have added you to my alerts.  Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Joyce in TN, USA

lucille4364 said...

I just got this blasted mail to where I could get on and see your journal.  Not ever to much about what is part of your life.  We care about how you are doing.  I got your forward and loved it.    Thank you so much.  Maybe see you in IM.  Lucy

lanurseprn said...

Hi Mort..I didn't receive this alert so I came by to see if you had posted. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. I wish I could give you a great big hug.
Write more when you feel up to it...I look forward to it. Have a restful weekend.
Pam xoxox

jmoqueen said...

Take care of yourself Mort xx  ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))


pamal3 said...

Hey, my fav other man. Please don't stay away for long. I will miss you. I need my mort. The weather and time of year don't help. The ducks are doing good. You need to let the ms stress out. Pop the caring on the backburner and let us care for you. Love Pam xx

jjdolfin9 said...

I'm sorry about your arch but loved hearing about your ducks.  I'm an animal lover myself and can hardly wait for the hummers and gold finches to eat from my feeders this year.  Have a lovely Sunday my friend.
Hugs, Joyce

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Mort ...
Sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather when you wrote this entry - as i read on i hope to hear you are feeling better.    I bet those duckys are gorgeous. A new tumble drier eh?  fab, wouldn't be without mine  
Take care, Luv Jaynee XX