Tuesday, 18 March 2008

dried up

i  had  new  tumble drier  arrive  today.  quick  work       havent  cashed cheque  yet    it  arrived  about 11am,  i  had  to  go out  so  left  front door  unlocked  with  note  on  to  walk  in.          yes  i  know,security,   but  we  get very   little  trouble  here.  mum signed for  it,said  2  nice  blokes,put  it  in  kitchen  out  of  way.      i  got  home  11.20         and  had  fit.        its  a  zanussi,  and  is  far  larger  than  the  one it  replaces.  i  had  this  bad  feeling  it  wasnt  going  in.    it  lives  in  the  conservatory,theres  a   hole  cut  through  the   upvc frame  to  take  outlet.        and  it  sits  between  frame                   and  door  step.              after  lunch  i  took  old  out  to  greenhouse,  brian  is  having  it,  if  he  can get  new  condenser  cheap,hes  in  business.         bearing  squeaks  but  may  last years.  i  connected  up  ducting  pipe  to  take  steam  out,          and   managed           somehow            to  get  it  through  door      and  found  i  was  right.           too  tight  a  fit.                luckily  it  has   vent holes  on  side  as  well  as  back. so  had  to  pull   hose  out  from  back,remove  cover,add  hose                      recover  back.      and.................................it  went  in                     with  literally          a  quarter  of   inch  spare.           very  nice  too  it  looks.

my  ducks            as  in  donald  n  jem            were  waiting  on  doorstep  again          6am                 ever  hear  2  hungry  ducks                 lol           sooty  terrified  of  them,   think  she  stalked  them,and  drake  attacked  her,  serves  her  right.  

been trying  to  get  in touch  with  MS  nurse  with  no  success           but  i  am  feeling a lot  better,  my  voice  is lot  better,still  got  swalllowing  probs,but  happier               ok  i  better  go  to  bed                             take care all                 


cayasm said...

At least you have the tumbler, it makes life easier, those ducks donald and Jem part of the family now Sooty is probably jelous..lol gald to hear your feeling a little better, hopefully you can get hold of the nurse before Easter.
Regards to your mum

Take care


purplemist65247 said...

you got it in then ...good. as for that sexy voice im sure it will come back. try resting it a little (if thats poss lol) im still looking for that break ggrrrr talk soon

mist xxx

lucille4364 said...

Hey Mort, so glad that you got the tumbler in place.  Now I will nag, should you be doing that with a bad back??  This is what you get for having a old mom writing in comments.  As my daughter says Mom, you mom us to death.  Take care.  I still think you should be trying to get in to see your MS doctor.  If there is anything they can do early on for the swallowing, it may keep it from getting worse.  Going to scroll down and get ny flower fix.    Lucy

ally123130585918 said...

Mort well done to you for getting the tumbler in place ~ lol at Donna and Jem I expect them to bring their suitcases with them tomorrow so they can move in with you :o) ~ I am sure Sooty will soon get used to them ~ hope you will be able to contact the MS nurse and hope the throat problem gets better ~  Ally x

pamal3 said...

Hello my fav other man. I am pleased that you got the tumble dryer sorted. Had to laugh at Donald and Jem getting themselves all settled on the doorstep, they will be In front of the fire before you know It!!. Poor Sooty. Bet she avoids them now. You take good care and pass on kind regards to your mum please. Love Pam xx  

jeadie05 said...

Oh clever you fitting your tumble drier into the conservatory,Oh you'll soon have to set your alarm so you are up at silly o clock to be ready for the ducks ,oh dear Sooty will think twice before greeting them in future ,give my love to Mum hope your throat continues to get even better ...love Jan xx

jmoqueen said...

Glad to hear your ok and well done you for fitting the washing machine in ;-)  Poor Sooty, don't think I wanna hear two ducks who are starving hungry lol



pharmolo said...

Well done for squeezing the drier in Mort

lanurseprn said...

Good work on the dryer. You are a handy man to have around! If you come to CA can I make you a list of things I need done <just kidding>?
Glad you're feeling better. Sending you a great big hug.
Pam xoxox

ukgal36 said...

Hi Mort! Thanks for stopping by my journal..can't believe i've never seen yours before..will be putting you on my alerts...
have a great day...

woodsrnd694 said...

Hey Bud,

You mean we want have direr wars !! Too Bad! for us!  Glad you are feeling better and I will check with you later!  Thanks for the e-Card! Check with you later!

God Bless


abicequeen said...

Good Afternoon Morton from C. Alberta, Canada.   When Lucille told me you have mentioned about me I thought gads there goes that "Old Timer's" disease as I can NOT think of a Morton I know...but you are like me you sometimes read a journal from a person comment...
Anyway my friend it is a pleasure to meet you....give your Mama a hug and kiss and tell her I think she is so blessed to have a son take care of her.   I know my boy would in the same circumstance.
My heart is saddened by your diagnosis and for some reason in the area I grew up just a few miles away there has been a tremendous statistic of MS.
I would like to encourage you by the story of one of my first bosses when I was just a kid of 19.  Dr. Walker has MS for over fourty years and not that he did not have a LOT of difficulty I really believe it was that ENGLISH tenacity of never giving up that kept him going for so long.
Morton, boy my pray list is getting longer but I promise that ANYTIME the Lord brings you to my memory I will pray for His grace to be poured in buckets upon you.

Love and blessings,


aka AB Ice Queen   Chef Ice Queen   Ice Queen


I can not figure out yet how to put the above permantly without typing it each time.

eloisejones2006 said...

HI morton my name is is Eloise I enjoyed reading your blob,you sound like you are a nice pearson and I enjoy talking to nice people.Thanks for writing me its good to know that there is goog people in the world.Imet randy at my job an hes a nice person . and he makes you laugh and he gives good advice to thanks again and you have a bless night