Sunday, 2 March 2008

mums are special

well, i  hope  all  you  ladies  with  children have  been  spoiled  today?  and  that everyone  remembered  you  mums  on  mothers   day  today?        and  for  lucy  and  friends  across  the  pond,  no  i'm   not  mad        yours  is  on  11th  may  i  think??   ours  is  today          early  this  year.    mine  got  a bunch  of  carnations,huge  blooms,her  favourite  cut  flower,  and  some  sweetys.  lol.       and  more  importantly  to   mum          a  lovely  card.   she  knows  money  tight,so   would  have  been  happy  with  just  a   card.    she  did  have  a  lovely  surprise,  Pam  my  best  friend   rung  me  friday   to  tell  me  flowers  were  coming today  for  mum.   pam  loves  mum,she  lost  her own   over  15  years  ago,    so  i  think  she  wanted  to do  something  nice  for  mine.   she  knows  mum  been  very  down  lately  with  pain.          it  was  beautiful     

all  flowers  that will  be  planted  out  into  garden      giving   us  color  for  many  years  to  come.     thanks  pam.        you  made  my   mums  day.

i  cooked  a  rather  tasty  roast  beef lunch,then  went  to  bed           lol.    so  my  mum  had  what  i  hope  was  a  lovely  mothering  sunday.

 we  never  know  how  long  we  got  our  mums,so  we  must let  them  know   how  much  we  love  them.  i  know  many  reading  this  may  have  sadly   lost  theirs.  but  she  is  still  with  you,even  if  she  has  passed  on.        mums  live  on  forever  in  our  hearts,  and  memories  are  with  you  always.    i  never  take  mine  for   granted,i  know  she  is  getting   old (  87  is  not  old     lol.  her  mum  lived  to  99.)  and  one  day  she  will  be  just  a  memory  in  my  heart.    so  yes  mum,just  a  bunch  of  carnations  and  some   sweets.   but  also,  with  all  the   love  i   have  for  you.     you  have  been  the  best  mum  anyone  could  ever  have.    and  i  am  proud to  be  your  son.

 lastly,there may  be some  out  there  who,for  whatever  reason,  have  fallen  out  with  their  mums,  words  said,  hurtful  things  done.   i  understand  that.   not everyones  is  as  lovely  as  mine.          and  perhaps,you  didnt  even  think   of  her   today.       but  one  day          you   may  regret it.          please,    try        at  least  just once  more  maybe,  to  rebuild bridges,get  in  touch  with  her,     so  that  next  year          you  can  enjoy  with  her          mothers  day.   peace.          take  care all      


cayasm said...

Lovely entry Mort, my mum died five years ago and I feel sad today, but your right they're always with us in our hearts. Lovely flowers Carnations are my favourites too, and they'll look nice when planted out in the garden. Your mum's lucky to have a son like you.

Best wishes to your mum

Take care


lanurseprn said...

What a lovely Mother's Day entry! I certainly hope your Mum read this! I lost my Mum in 1994, and like you said I believe she is with me in one way or another.
I have a son, and I hope someday I receive such a lovely letter from him. Your Mum is lucky to have you for a son.
I'm just getting to know you...but I can tell you are a very loving person.

woodsrnd694 said...

Mort, I lost my mother four years ago and there is hardly a day that goes by that I don't think about her!!  We were very close!!  We went through a lot together!  She went blind when she was in her early 30's after that things really changed!  She was a very strong women!!  Here birthday was last Sunday, I really miss her! Tell your friend that those flowers were really beautiful!!   My mother was 66 when she died!!  I just wanted to check in with you and Hope everything went great today!  I will check with you later!  Tell your mother, Happy Mother Day , for us or Happy LATE Mothers Day whatever the Case!! lol

Your Bud!!

lv2trnscrb said...

what a loving tribute you wrote to your mum! I hope she had the happiest of mother's days today!! Pam was so sweet to send her flowers and they look gorgeous!


jeadie05 said...

Mort that was really lovely ,did your Mum read it ? she must be so proud to see you proclaiming your love for her ,how lovely of Pam ,as you say a gift to enjoy over the years ,give my love to your Mum ,I have lost mine but miss her still Jan xx

jhorky said...

Mort, you are so good to your mum.  I lost my mom many years ago but as you read my Journal you will see her mentioned often.  She was 45 when I was born and me being the 10th child I am sure she was really tierd of babies, but I never knew it if she was.  My older sisters kind of tried totake on the mothering role as I undrstand it, but mom was always there for me.  The flowers are just gorogeous.  The tribute is what I would treasure.  Lucy

pamal3 said...

Hello my fav other man. You are an absolute treasure. What a beautiful entry. The flowers are gorgeous. Your mum must be so proud. I received a cup and a teddy with "Best Mum" on It and wait for it.......half a bottle of perfume!!!!. lol. I think my wee treasure liked It just a little bit too much! Lol. Never mind, It's the thought that counts. Love Pam xx

jmoqueen said...

That is such a lovely entry :o)  Thank you for sharing it with us xx


sybiljb said...

Hi Mort, I hope you are felling well today. You are such a loving and caring son to your mums. The flowers are lovely and I know she will enjoy them after they are planted in your flower beds. Hello to mums and hope you both have a nice day.

mjgm1954 said...

Hey Mort! What a lovely  mothers day you gave your mother! you are so clever as well! That is a  great idea to plant the flpwers in the garden.I have 7 children, six girls and one son. he is not a good son as you are. but my girls are lovely to me. he would never care for me as you do you mother. you are her best present i am sure! please tell her i think she raised a marvelous son! i shall keep both of you in my prayers, and friend Pam as well!  june