Thursday, 6 March 2008

door wars the end i hope

i was in  agony  when i got up yesterday morning,really  stiff  and  in  pain.  carpenter was  due  to come  and  fit  replacement  door  between  1  and  4          so  plenty  of  time.     remember  that  for  later,  lol.        now  this  is  going  to  sound  daft,but  from  bitter  experience  i  know  that  the worse   thing  i  can  do  when  my  back  goes  out  is  to  keep  sitting  about.  so  i  decided  a  light,nice    clean  gentle  job   would  be  just  the  thing  to  help.        so.        i  cleaned  the  cooker.       lol.          and  as  it  hadn't  been  done  for  ages,          well.         think  i  will    say  no  more.      it  was awful.           but i  got  it  lovely  and  clean.         and  by  end of  it,was  feeling  bit  easier.

now,  remember   carpenter???  he   who  was  due  1  to  4???    arrived   9.45am.       bit  early???   he  took  old  door  off,took  it  outside   and  used  it  as  template  for  new.   simple.              he  finished  it  at  1.40.            no  comment.         went  off.     when  i   checked,it's  a  solid door.   great                  except  it  was  so  heavy         mum  couldn't  slide  it.          odd.          so.   i removed  the  pelmet,covering  the  door  gear,to  find             all  the  sliding bearings  completely dry.          now        there  was  a  tube  of  grease  in  the  kit,when  he  fitted  the  other  door,he  had  to  come  back  next  day,  left  his tools  and  everything  in  my  hall,and i  saw  it.         he  hadn't  bothered  greasing  bearings.   so,i  got  mine,and  did  that.         theres  a  screw  goes  right  through  door  lock  to  outside  pull  handle,           that  was too  thin,  hadn't  caught  so  he  had  stuck  it   !!!!!    so  replaced  that  with  thick  one.         result,   door  pull  that   pulls  and doesn'y  pull  off.            the  trim  covering  door  gear  at  top  of   door,bit  wood,  was  catching  as  door  slid.          removed  that  and  repositioned  it.              and  swore  a   lot.  lol             result???  door  runs smoothly,  locks,                 now  thass  a   proper  job.          just   20   more  minutes  was  all  it  took.              please,  can  this  now  be  last  entry on  the  damn  thing            lol.

today,  back  is  much  improved,  i  went  over  to  Hindolveston,the  village i  was  born  in  and  took  wreath  off  my dads  grave,took  daffodils   and  put  on  his  and  grandparents  graves,           been   pleasant  day,reasonably  mild.          and  it  was  good  to  get  out              and  good  to  be  able  to  walk  without   agony  shooting  through  back.            still  sore  and  i  am  being  careful.          well............  lol.

  ducky   update.             ok,    you  all  let  me  down.      no  brilliant  names         so,they  are  now  called  jemimah          jem  for short           and  donald               so  there                 my  adopted  ducks.  my  names  lol.          little  dears  were  quacking  outside  my  bedroom  window,  at  5.45  this  morning.  was  still  dark.         good job  i  get  up  then.    feeding  them  at  6.     were  back  for  tea  tonight  at  6.30  lol        oh  well                   take  care  all


cayasm said...

You would have been better off doing the Bathroom door in the first place and they could have paid you, least it's over now, glad to hear the back's easing up a bit, best to keep as mobile as possible, I try and go for a long walk everyday and that helps, so does losing a bit of weight lol.

Jem and donald sound good even if they do get up at the quack of

Take care


woodsrnd694 said...

Hey, Bud!
Keep it up and you will been able to go in the contracting vocation!!lol  Specializing in Doors and Bed repairs!!  Have a great day and Have fun with the game!

God Bless!


lv2trnscrb said...

I love the names of the ducks!! fitting names for them :)

so glad you are doing a bit better with your back


mjgm1954 said...

Hi! Ah jemima after jemima puddle duck?   Sounds like you did a proper job of the door all by yourself. How clever of you! I wish I had your energy. june

lucille4364 said...

Well now Mort, you have been a busy fellow.  I hope your back is still good tday.  I am going to try very hard not to bug you today.  I am feeling good today so will have to restrain myself. My grandson came over and scooped the blasted white junk that fell last night, before he went to work.  They are my Daughters sons and took on that job when  Joe absolutely no scooping after the surgeries in his heart.  My Texas granfdon is having a birthday today.  He says he will be 28 and his sister says 27. Like the name of the ducks.  waking you at that hour maybe you should have named them early anf shirley. lol  Take care.  Lucy

lucille4364 said...

PS  I scrolled down through your flowers to get my flower fix. Thank you Mort for just being you and apparently a handyman as well.  Lucy

pharmolo said...

Well, I hope with you that this is the last doory update Mort. Well done for a bit of finishing DIY.

jeadie05 said...

What a good job ,you were able to finish the door your self ,I hope thats the end of the saga ,for you ,hope the pain in your back gets better love to Mum Jan xx

lanurseprn said...

Wow what a job on the door! You sound like a handy man to have around the house, that's for sure! Sorry your back is so sore. You are right though...the more you sit around the more it hurts. Weird, huh?
I like your duck names....they made me laugh. Especially that they both come back for tea at 6:30 LOL! Too cute!
Take care Mort.
Pam xoxox

ally123130585918 said...

Hope you are feeling better today ~ glad you were able to finish that door yourself sounds like you really didn't need that carpenter at all ~ and I love the names you have given your Ducks :o) ~ Ally x

pamal3 said...

Hello, my fav other man. Thie is me just getting here now!! Terrible. It's sunday which means Its your birthday. Happy Birthday sweetness, I hope you have had a fabulous day. I love Jem and Donald for names. I will catch up soon. Love Pam xx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Mort - lets shut the door on that saga then !!!!    but seriously, can you help me, i got this door you see..... he whats this about ducks?   How exciting two wild ducks.....Dave says hello to Donald and Jem !!
Luv Jaynee X