Monday, 24 March 2008

cold cross buns

hope  everyone had a lovely  easter break??  shame about  the awful  weather.  white  easter  here         on  good friday i  went  shopping  on my own, mum didnt come with  me,was just  too  cold for  her,  bitterly  cold.        saturday  we  had  the  most  awful  gales          freezing  winds.  glad  i  no  longer  grow  my  own  plants from  seed     my  greenhouse  thermometer  read  4 degrees  celsious          at  3pm           thats  cold     i  kept  in  and  did  the  housework,    least  i  kept  warm  lol.   Easter  sunday  i  got  up  at  7         it  was  perishing,grey  rolling  clouds,and  by  7.30          we  had  a  whiteout.  it  snowed          hell  did  it  snow.        took  some  pictures       but  by  12       it had  all gone       english  weather  lol

 today  has  been  pretty  much  the same          few snow showers,  cold.  as  i write this,the  wind  is howling          and  its a wind frost.   jolly  weather  lol.      but  it  is  sad.        and  serious  for  all the small  businesses.  here  in  north norfolk,we  rely  on  holidaymakers          to  keep a lot  of  the  small shops  going,and  easter  is  important  to  them.           many  are  struggling  now,    a  few  bad  bank  holidays  will  finish  them.

in  case  anyone  wonders  the  title  of  this  entry  is  not  just  a  bad  pun.( though as  usual  it  is  lol)   my  garden  is  being  overrun again  by  rabbits.      this morning  i counted  7,  eating  the  grass,least  they  keeping  it  cut  short  for  me,and  as  i  have  stopped  growing  veg.  they  arent  hurting.         if  they  find  their  way  round  to  front  garden   though                    its  war. lol

my  2  ducks,and  thank  goodness  the  other  2  havent  returned         so  it  is  still 2,  are  now   with  us  all  day,they  fly  in  about  6ish         quack  loudly  outside  back  door  (who  said  bless???? )   until  i   feed  them,go  on  pond  and  pull that about,  then  usually  go  to  sleep  under  gooseberry  bushes.         get  fed   when  hungry,  usually fly  off  about  6              good  life  being  a  duck       when  you  got  idiot  like  me  to  keep  them  fed.           but  i  like  them  lol

poor  mum,cold weather  meant  no  outing  friday,has  been  in  lot  of pain.  foot  still pains  her,gout.       arthritis  is  biting          awful  for  her.      i  am  still waiting  for  the  volunteer  visiting  service  to  get  in  touch,   someone  will come  and  visit  and  spend  some  time  with  her.   like  everything  else  with  social  services,    it  all  takes  time.    and  time  runs   faster  when  you  get  to  mums  age.        take  care  all


cayasm said...

Great pictures Mort, we only had a dusting of snow here in the early hours of Sunday morning, but like you say biting cold. Glad the ducks are still visiting..well you will feed, sorry to hear you mums not been well she must really feel this cold weather, roll on Spring that's what I say.

Take care


lucille4364 said...

Oh Mort, Your beautiful flowers!!!!  I hate that you got hit so hard.  Hope you get beautiful weather soon.  I am going to take a picture of my azalia and see if I can post it tomorrow.  It is just loaded with flowers. I sent an e-mail to you but not sure itwent out.  Do not trust computer all the time. Thank you  fpr your instructions   and wrote it down.  Take care, Mort.  Lucy

jjdolfin9 said...

I hope the weather hasn't damaged those beautiful flowers.  Great pictures.  Thanks for sharing.

eloisejones2006 said...


ukgal36 said...

crazy british weather huh?
Hope this week is warmer

sybiljb said...

Hi Mort, pretty pictures I wish it would snow here, but we live to for south. Sorry to hear that mums isn't feeling well I hope she gets better soon. Take care.

mjgm1954 said...

Hi Mort. Oh your poor mum! Make sure she drinks plenty of water. also dont gve her any chicken for a while. Chicken has a chemical that aggravates gout. Several things they have found are not good to eat when you have gout but chicken is the worst.
I only drink bottled water. Purified water.  I had a gall bladder surgery  a year ago and i began drinking only bottled water. I wanted to make sure i got well faster. Here in america the water is being contaminated by chemical runoff from factories. also they are saying that the prescription drugs people take are not being filtered out of the water treatment plants because they just dont have the technology!

jeadie05 said...

So sorry to hear your Mum is feeling poorly gout can be so painful ,I loved your snow pictures did you see the ones I posted ? Lots of love to you both Jan xx

jmoqueen said...

Hope you and your mum are keeping warm xx  I still say bless about the ducks but I'm glad I'm not there hearing them quacking each morning ;-)  Great pics of the snow......


pharmolo said...

The snow pics look pretty, Mort, but I sympathise with the cold it implies.

mjgm1954 said...

Hey mort! me again. hate to be a pain but i have thinking about your mum. of course i keep you both in my prayers.
There are some things about healthy eating habits that I would like to share. You may already know. the organic meats are the best. they are hormone free. none of us need to be eating those hormones. also for women , we tend to get an overgrowth of yeast. the probiotics are helpful in maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in our bodies. I eat yogurt with probiotics. however there are supplements that are better for those who cant have dairy. Pleas try to cut out all transfats. healthy fats like olive oil are very beneficial. salmom fish and other sources of omega acids are so good for us.
It is never too late to eat healthy. and it removes toxins from our bodies. Vegetables are important for that as well. eating healthy can even help with pain management!
I think that you are a wonderful son. i hope that this information will be of help to you and your mum!  june

woodsrnd694 said...

Hey Bud,

Hope everything gets better for you the pictures are great!  

God Bless


jacsher said...

Hey,  I can't find North Norfolk.  Once aboard ship we anchored at Spit head, I think near portsmouth.  In the USA Norfolk and Portsmouth are side beside.
The pictures are great.  Sorry about Mum's gout and arthritis, have a Bro in law who suffers from Gout, says one of the worst pains there is.  We are thinking of you. Jack

jacsher said...

Thanks Mort I found you on the map!  We are hoping one day when we park the Motor Home to visit England and see the country side.  Sherry has never been there, and of course being a Sailor,  I have only seen Portsmouth the rails to London and the tourist stuff in London.  Truly one of the most enjoyable ports I liberties,  of course being young, I was able to find a few of the many Pubs!
later,  jack

mjgm1954 said...

You are doing a brilliant job of caring for you mum! Did not mean to be a know it all with the advice. I just talk to much  lol. I mentioned the thing you said about the water in my entry. Our water supply is not as good . Some places the water  does not taste good and comes from the tap off color  Y uck!  I wish we had the healthy , hormone free meat they offer in Europe , in America.  I bet most Americans dont know how good the meat is where you . And you guys probably dont think Americans wish we had the the things you are used to. The last time I was in Italy we were told not to drink the water. I wonder if it has improved since then?

jacsher said...

It's me again.  I have been visiting North Norfolk via the net, what a beautiful country side.  Looks like you have a pretty big tide change.  I am so glad i ran into you, This is a part of the UK i had never heard of.  Best to you  & Mum.

jacsher said...

Just caught one of your doggie pictures on June's Blog, liked it. Hope you are warming up!  Jack

sr2404 said...

Hope you are feeling much better. Please take care of yourself.
Love Loopy Loo

lanurseprn said...

The snow looks pretty! But, I could deal without that COLD! So you've got rabbits...ducks....your running a zoo there Mort! LOL!
Take care and I hope your Mum feels good soon.
Pam xoxox

funnyface0s0 said...

Lovely pics Mort .... no snow here over easter, jus rain showers.
Luv Jaynee X