Tuesday, 18 December 2007

absent friends and family

took  wreath,and some more  holly  to  my  dads grave today,and  put  holly  and  ivy   on  grandparents.      looking  round  churchyard,  the  different  wreaths  looked  nice on  the  graves,some  were  obviously  expensive,others  more  simple,some  home  made   like  mine.   all  got  one  thing  in  common,  remembering  a  loved  one  at  christmas.  this is a  sad  time  of  year  for  those  who  have recently  lost someone  dear,and  i  feel  for  them.      im  feeling  very  down,  i  started  this  blog,because  i  wanted   to  give  a glimpse  into  what  being  a  carer  is,seem  often  to  have  gone  off  the  rails,but  i  asked  for  a   carers  assessment    over  5  months  ago,last  i  heard,was  going  to  be  another  8  weeks.  that  was  up  last  week,so  i  emailed  the  ladies  office  who  does  them,but,guess  what?  due  to  illness,staff  shortages,cutbacks, acts  of  god,it  will  now  be  the  new  year.  sometime.

      i  have  a  hospital  appointment  this  friday,with  the  neurologist  who  is  treating  me,hopefully he  will  have  the  answer  as  to  whether  i  do  have  MS,or  if  it's a viral  infection  of  the  spinal  chord.  i  had  a  lumbar  puncture  last  year,which  was  supposed  to  answer  that,but  i  been told  its        "inconclusive",which  is  really  annoying  because  i   would  not  have  gone  through  with  it,if  i  had known.  oh  well,sure  they  know  what  they  are  doing,  after  all.it's  only  been   7   years  since symptoms  started.     lol    

 will  keep  you   all  posted,  car  goes  in  thursday,for  tracking.  cutting the  inside  of  my  front  tyres.  same  day,housing  trust  health  n  safety,and contractors  foreman.are  coming  about  bathroom  door.so,hope  wont  take  long.        dont  know  when  i will  write   another  blog.                get  xmas  over  with,  take   care  all


pharmolo said...

Hope you have some sunshine down your way, Mort, to cheer up your day  :-)

cayasm said...

It's nice to remember loved at this time of year. You have so much on your plate at the moment, hope the appointment with the neurologist on friday gives you some answers. Keep us posted and enjoy Christmas

Take care


purplemist65247 said...

meat loaf a ...love his ballads. funny no matter what time of year a loved one dies u do remember them at xmas. know ive not been around lately but do think of you dont ever forget that ..see you soon xxx

jeanno43 said...

So sorry you are feeling down Mort.  I hope you get some answers soon.  Nice that you went to the cemetery, they look so pretty at this time of year with all the wonderful bright colours.