Thursday, 13 December 2007

torched or not

mums  toe  is  healing  slowly,chiropodist was  pleased  with  the  big  toe,just  small one   still  bad,nurse  came  and  dressed it,and  has  left  me   load  of  dressings,as  shes  now away   for  xmas  hols.  pleased  how  it  looks  and,give  her   her  due,has  done   good  job.

i sent  off long  letter  of  complaint  to  housing  trust  about bathroom  door,caught  my  bloody   toe  under  it.and  today,had  email  from  their  Health  and  safety  officer.  having a meeting  at  mine  soon  to  look  at  it.    good.

Now,please can  i  just  say  a  few  words  about  some  emails  that  are  being  circulated,there  are  several  variations,but  all  the  same  theme. that  basically,if  you  receive  an email, ( and  here  are   the  ones  i  know,marked    merry  christmas,happy  christmas,yule log,festive   greetings,happy  holidays,)  even  if  its  from  a  friend,dont  open it.  that  it  may  conceal  a  new  deadly  computer  virus.

  This  virus  is  supposed  to  be  called   an  "olympic  torch" virus,and  when  email  is   opened,it  immediately gets  into  your  adress  book,duplicates  itself,sends  itself  to  all  your  contacts,then  burns  out  sector Z  on  your  hard   drive.  there  is  no  known  defence,it  was  discovered  only  yesterday,CNN  calling  it  the  most  destructive  virus  ever,Mcafee  got  no  defence,Microsoft  are  in  a  panic.    sounds  awful.   and  it  asks  that  you  forward  the   warning  to  evryone  you  know.          AND  IT  IS  COMPLETE  GARBAGE.  THERE  IS  NO  SUCH  THING,NO  VIRUS,ENTER  OLYMPIC TORCH VIRUS  INTO  SEARCH,YOU  WILL  FIND  LOADS  OF  INFO.      COMPLETE  AND  UTTER  RUBBISH.

This  chain email  caught  me  out  last  year.  i  sent it  to  every  tom,dick  and  harriet  i  knew.                     my  face  was  red  for  weeks.   i  wasnt  alone.many  others  did  too.  then  it  was       osama bin laden  is  dead   email  title.  but   with  xmas  here,and  many  of  us  sending  greetings,its  particularly  nasty.  if  you  get  one  of  these  chain  mails,please  remember it  was  sent  to  you  in  good  faith,and  the  person  sending  it  is  not  to  blame.   take care all


jeadie05 said...

Pleased your Mums toe is coming on well ,Thanks for the info on the virus thing ,lets know the outcome of your meeting with the guy from the council re the door Jan xx

pharmolo said...

Good to hear your mum's toe is healing now, Mort.
The Housing Trust certainly made a b**** up of your refurbishment.
If in doubt over an email story, check it out on I've been where you were as well...

jeanno43 said...

Glad you mum's toes is better.  There are also scam emails going around about banks.  I had three from what looked like my bank in every detail telling me that inappropriate transactions had been made on my account and that therefore the account had been frozen.  Of course, it has not been and I forward the emails to the bank.  They are also going round about Abbey and Nationwide as well so ignore.  If you give your details they will clear you out.  Thanks for your e-card! Please pop by and visit my journal sometime.