Monday, 10 December 2007

p.s. lol

well   got   photo  on,but  no  space  for  text     ermmmm         anyway,the   wreath  on  my  front  door  i  made  today.   quite      in  case  you  wondering   2  reasons  for  the  white  paper,1)to  bounce   flash  off,very  dull  day.  and  2)  to  cover  my  door  number  up  lol           most  probably  visible  in  other  pics.but  why  advertise.  you  all  may  turn  up  wanting  a  coffee         lol.

took  mum  to  chiropodists,big  toe  is  healed  nicely,and  doesnt  need  dressing  anymore.  the  other   is  still  bad,and  full  of  gout.  so  thats  been  dressed  again.  

just  spent  an enjoyable  hour  filling  in  job  satisfaction  questionairre on  my   bathroom  door  for  housing  trust.  they  only  gave  a  small  box  for  comments.just  filled   up  an a4  sheet  with  long  letter.    i  can  get  my  hand  under  door.!!!!!   bloodt  daft.maybe  carpenter  thought  we  had  a  shag  pile  carpet  in   loo??  oh  well,take care all.  p.s.     just  found  out  how  to  add  text          lol          but  cant  be  bothered  to  change  it         


cayasm said...

Like your pictures on your profile page, lovely garden. There is space for text once you add a picture just hit your enter button, and continue writing under the pic.
Bet you enjoyed filling out the customer satisfaction questionaire. glad to hear you mums toe has healed.
Take care


jeadie05 said...

You have just answered my question ,well done adding the picture ,so now we can look forward to some more , pictures lovely Jan xx

pharmolo said...

Nice wreath, Mort. Glad your mum's toe is healing, fingers crossed for the other one.

jeanno43 said...

Clever you for making that wreath.  Hope you get the bathroom door fixed and that you mum's toe continues to heal.