Tuesday, 25 December 2007

xmas passed

well   that  was  xmas. another   one   over with,hope  everyone  had   a  lovely  day,mine  was  quiet,lunch  a  great  success,turkey  ok.ish  lol    not  great  lot  flavour.  best  bit  is  my  home  made  cranberry   sauce,   cranberries,zest  n  juice  of  an  orange     sugar        and  glug     or 2         or  3    of  port.  or   as  i  used  today  a  red  wine.        if  preferred  leave out  the  orange  juice.    and  sugar.  and  cranberries.  just  drink  the  wine  lol                     no  it  was  good.         mum  had  a   lovely  day,  all  had  snooze  after  lunch,   her  toe  is  still  paining  her  but   looking   much  better.       now,we  look  to  the  new  year.   and  wonder  what  2008 will  bring us.         good  thing  none  of  us  know.      take  care  all.         turkey  sarnie  anyone???   lot  left.    sure??         oh  well.least  me  cat  loves  it        lol   


jeanno43 said...

We have so many left-overs we will have more than enough.  Always so much Turkey afterwards, good job we love it.  Lol at the wine.  Glad it was a nice day for you and your Mum and hoping 2008 is very kind to you.


pharmolo said...

Aye, there will be a few bloated bellies around today lol Mort

funnyface0s0 said...

Like the sound of that Cranberry sauce ....lol...... and yes please i'll have a turkey sarnie.....in my opinion you can never eat enough turkey !!!
Luv Jaynee x

ninareade said...

good on yer Mort, only another 361 days and we can do it all again xxxxxxxxxxxxx

cayasm said...

Glad you andyour mum had a nice day, best wishes for 2008

Love Yasmin