Saturday, 8 December 2007

getting lit up

its been  horrendous weather  last 2 days,heavy  rain and wind.but  yesterday  i did manage  to  get  the  majority of  the  outside  xmas lights  up.just  4  to  do,and   they  are  stand alone lights.2  santas i  snowman  and  a  gnome.(dont  ask.   lol)   im  down  over  9  sets,were  getting  bad,which  i  dumped  last  ive  had  to  completely  revamp  how  ive  done  it  this  year. should  look  good  though.hope  to  finish  today,and  hopefu;lly  get  the  inside  windows  done.   shant  use  the  flashing  lights  i  normally  use  in  lounge.found  out  last  year they  kept  knocking  my  broadband  connection  out.  tut.

we  went  shopping  yesterday,and  managed  to  do  bit  xmas  present  shopping  done.  arent  buy1 get  1  free  offers  good?  lol          short  entry,want  to  get  on.  take  care  all


purplemist65247 said...

very suggestive title lol good job i know what a good boy u are xxxx

jeadie05 said...

Very well done, now come and do mine lol , Jan xx

pharmolo said...

LOL Mort, your home will be a sight to see when you're finished

cayasm said...

Hope you [ost some pics on here Morton of the lights etc. The weather is pretty bad we have torrential rain here today.
Hope your mum is well

Take care