Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Im adoored. lol

at  long  last,we  have  a  door  on  the bathroom.!!!!!!    since  last  thursday  we  have  been  open  plan,lol.  carpenter  turned  up  at  9.15,went  off  at  2.result,1  nice  new  door. privacy.  bliss. and  we  heard  from  floor  layer,he's coming  in  morning  to  finish  floor,so  hopefully  i  can  get  it  decorated  out  soon,have  to  leave  the  hall  wallpapering,but  at least  get  the bathroom  painted  and  cabinet  put  back  up.

couldnt get  on  this  morning  as  carpenter  was  in  the  way,but  this  afternoon  i  have made  a  start  putting  xmas  lights  up,at  least  the  4  big  rope  lights  are  all  in  place.lot  more  to  do  though.

need  i  say  that  mums  dressing  on  toe  was  off  this  morning??  i  redressed  it  for  her,had  thought  it  was  getting  better  but  she  now  called  me   nearly  in  tears,in   wicked  pain,have  redone  it  for  her  and  hoping  she  can  have  a  good  nights  sleep.theres  gout  in  it  as  well  i  fear,and  that's  why  it's  so  painful  for  her.  really  nasty,hate  to  see  me  mum  in  so  much  pain.

now  tried  to  get  into  journals  chat,with  no  luck,wont  connect,dont  know  why.  i  had  a  file  from  aol,this  afternoon,and  since  then  i  am  on  a  new  setup,instead  of  connecting  through   dsl,i  now connect   through  dialbb,was  worried  and  asked  aol  online  help,but  they  say  that  it's a  new  server.            more  problems  i  bet.lol   take  care  all


pharmolo said...

Has your mum got medicines for the gout pain? If not, get the heck up the doctors asap. A gout attack is excruciating.

cayasm said...

Glad to hear the door is now fixed, sorry to hear you mums still in pain, and yes AOL chat is out of order today don't know whats happend.
good luck putting the lights up

Take care


pharmolo said...

Forgot to say, am pleased that you're finally doored

purplemist65247 said...

oooh my adoored morton at last lol

jeadie05 said...

Feel so sorry for your poor Mum ,that toes gives her alot of pain ,Im pleased you are now adoored ,at last ! Igot an alert from Guido sayoing the chat room was down ,That didnt last long did it? lol ...love Jan xx