Sunday, 30 December 2007

delighted sort of

yesterday  was  cold,but   sunny,really  windy   after  all  the  rain  we  had  night  before. as  my outside  xmas  lights  were  now  so  dry,wind  had   dried  them  nicely,i decided  they  were  coming down.  we've   hardly  had  them   on,1)  bloody  dear  to  run  them,electric  is so  dear,    and   2)  they  knock  my  broadband  connection  out.!!!!     weird,i  use an   anti spike  device  to  protect  computer,but  switch  on  the   big  rope  lights,i  lose  aol  connection.   anyway,they  all  down,stored  in  summer  house  until  i   decide  where  to  put   them.won't  be  going  up in loft  again,i  can't manage  to  lift  them  up.   a  friend  usually  comes  over,but  he's  no  longer around.

inside  window  lights  are  still  up,going  to  take  those  down   tuesday,  they've  looked nice,and  being  static,dont  interfere  with  aol. oh  well,that  was xmas. roll on the new  year.  mums  toe  still  hurting,but  least  the  infection  is gone, not  dressing it  now.

i  was  asked  by  a  reader  of  my journal,am  i  going  to  change  it  now?  will  i  change  it  to  1  about  having  MS,and  how  it  affects  my  life?       i  answered    that im  not  an  MS  sufferer           who  is  a  carer                i  am  a  carer      who  has  MS.   the  MS    is  just  part  of  me  now,   my  mum    comes  first.    this  person  also  asked,what  will  happen  to  your  mum  if  you  get  worse?    how  will  you  cope?    can  you  cope?                 i  don't  know           is  the  honest  answer        i  really   just  don't  know.        i  do  know,mum  is   so  worried  for  me.and   my  friends.    between  us  all,im  sure  i  will  find  a  way.   take  care  all.


cayasm said...

You cope because you have to Mort, and you do very well given the circumstances. Hope 2008 will be a better year for you and your mum.

Take care


purplemist65247 said...

with friends like that who needs enemies ffs was rather thoughtless to ask what will happen to ur mum if u havnt thought about that. you got enough worries without having to bring them in the open. happy new year mort hope the next one will be better than the last xxxxxxx

jeanno43 said...

Wishing a much better new year to you and to you Mum, Mort.  Happy 2008

pharmolo said...

Happy New Year, Mort, for your mum and yourself


funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Mort .....i always feel a little sad at having to take down the decorations (which i shall be doing this afternoon) !    Take care, Luv Jaynee x