Tuesday, 11 December 2007

in a spin

you hear  so many  horror stories  about  after   sales  service  of  big companies,so  it's a great pleasure  for me  to  say,well  done  Hooover Candy.their engineer  arrived  at  3.10,nice  friendly  chap,started  washing  machine,which  to   my  surprise    was  now  turning  the  drum,said   "  oh  yes,brushes  gone  in  motor",checked  on  his  laptop  that  i  had    full  cover  for   the  service  charges,parts   were  already  covered  by  hoovers   5  year  guarantee       that  id  taken  out,    (machine  5  years  old  in    jan.  lol)  went  to  his  van,came  back,and  5  minutes  later  was  putting  it  back  together.  total  time  at  mine,25  minutes,and  a  washing  machine  in  full  working  order.   so  that  is   one  piece  of  good  luck.             take  care  all


pharmolo said...

Well, you were lucky in more ways than one, Mort. Great your machine is back in spinning order

cayasm said...

great service from Hoover, better than with the council...lol
Have a good day.