Thursday, 20 December 2007

rain again,more pain

i took car into  garage at 8.30,just  small garage,not far from  my  best friend pam,so  went round  hers  to  wait,and   have a coffee.  brian  had booked  it  in for  me,as  he  said  if  i  didnt  get  tracking  sorted im  going  to  ruin  new  tyres.  mechanic  said  would  be  done  by  11,took  my  mobile  number  and  i  walked  to  pams.   hadnt  been  round hers  long and  phone  rang,garage,    bad  news   said  he         reason  its   cutting  out  tyres  is       steering  ball  joint  gone.  no  wonder  it's  been  rattling  all  this   while.   going  to  be  done   friday  after  xmas,but  instead  of  a  bill  of  about  30 quid            it  will  be  about  £150.    oh  dear.           really  cant  afford  it,but  it  must  be  done.   so,more  bad  luck.  the  really  worrying  thing  is..............MOT  was   end  october,passed,just  advisory  that  tyres  were  worn,being  scrubbed on  inside,tracking   prob.out.           it  should  never  have   passed.       and  the  mechanic  who  does  my  car,should  have  seen   it  was  gone  before  he  took  it  to  be  MOT'd.  also,the  drive  shaft  gaiter  is  missing  a  clip,again,its  obvious   it's  been  missing  a  long  time,and  again,that  is  an  MOT  fail.  not  happy.

anyway,at  least  i  was  home  in  good  time,and  ready  for housing   trust  health  and  safety  lady,and  contractors  manager   to arrive.  dead  on  time  too.   both  inspected  the  work  on  bathroom  door,looked  at  gap under  door,and         agreed  with  me.  dangerous.    further,it  was  pointed  out  that if  anyone  fell  near  the  toilet,no one  could  get  in,as  door  opened  too  close  to  toilet  pan.   i  had  told surveyor  that.!!!   contractor  did  try  and  tell  me  the  gap  was  so  door  would  open  over  toilet  mat.  yeah  right       lol.    anyway,it's  been  decided  we  are  going  to  have  a  concertina  type   folding  door  on  it,so  that  will  give lot  more  space  inside  bathroom.  i  am  quite  happy  with  that.  also,going  to  tidy  up  wall,prepare  it ready  for  me  to  paper,and  paint  the  frame.          also,going  to  replace  the  new  fan  in  there,used  to  be  a  moisture  sensor  type,if  steamy  from  shower,or  damp  atmosphere   it  started  itself,also  if  light  switched on,it  came on  automatically,and  continued  to  run  5  mins.after  switched  off.         when   i  had  rewire  few  months  ago  (memory  of  which  far  far  too  painful  to  contemplate  lol)  it  was  replaces   by  a  fan  which  only  works if  you  pull  its  switch  chord,goes  off  as  soon  as  it is  turned  off,no  sensor,and  bloody   useless.   bathroom  is  already  going  black  from  mould.         so  thats  good.

  writng this at 1am,    soon  going  to  bed,  had  bad  night  last  night,im  getting  a  lot  of  pain,  MS  or  whatever  it  is  has  flared  up  with  a  vengeance.  must  know  im  going  to  hospital.       really  will  be  glad  to  see  the  back  of  2007.   not  been  good  year,in  fact         bloody  awful.         apart  from  meeting  some  lovely  people  on  here                     thank  you  all            you  keep  me  sane.     and  one  in  particular.        thanks,you  know  who  you  are.   xxx       take  care  all


cayasm said...

All that stuff should have been picked up the MOT it probabaly would'nt have cost so much now! Glad to hear all the issues at home are being sorted, should have been done right in the first place. Sorry to hear your in so much pain.

Take care


jeanno43 said...

This year has been a dreadful year for so many Mort.  I am so sorry to hear about all the trouble with the car, as you say, it should never have passed.  The concertina door sounds a much better idea and I am glad you got that sorted out.  Do not overdo things if you are in pain.

pharmolo said...

Sorry to hear of the problems with the car, Mort. And that the housing problems continue to be NOT sorted. What a nightmare. Can only echo sentiments, hope 2008 is better for you

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Mort ..... sorry to hear you are in pain.   I sometimes take a hot water bottle to bed with me to help ease mine.    How annoying about the car, we are so dependent on them, i hate it when mine goes wrong!
Luv Jaynee x