Friday, 8 February 2008

back on the road.

what a nice surprise,just  as  i  was  cooking  tea  brian  rang,to  say  my  car  was  done,all  ready  to   pick  up,be  ready  at  7.  which  was  cutting  things  bit  fine,tea  wasnt  due  til  6.30.  lol                  but  i  was  all  ready , he  came  for  me,and  we  went  and  got  it.                 wont  be  quite  as  much  as  i  feared,still  bad  enough  though.            least  i  got  my  independace  back,although  i  am  still  going   shopping  tomorrow  with  my  neighbour.  save  petrol.                        so,a  little  bit  happier.

had  forms  from DVLA,i  sent  them  a  form  i  downloaded  off  net,to  report   i  have  MS,which  by  law  i  must  do,  sent  me  same  form  again today.        plus  a  data  release  form  for  my  doctor             so  now i  must  wait  and  see  what  they  decide.   they  can  decide  i  am  not  fit  to  drive,and  take  license  away,( very  unlikely)   give  me  a  1,2,or 3  year  license            or  keep  as  i  am          normal.    i  cant  see  i  am  any  danger  to   other  road  users,and   await  their  verdict  with  confidence,           i  hope.          although   knowing  how  my  luck  is...................................................    take  care  all


jeadie05 said...

Oh I am pleased you have your car back,and your independence ,Iam so pleased Brian was able to get it done cheaper for you ,its not what you know its who you know lol to you ,both Jan xx

cayasm said...

Good news getting the car back so quickly, better than depending on others for lifts etc, and like didn't cost as much good luck with the DVLA.

Have a good weekend


pharmolo said...

Pleased you got your car back so soon, Mort. Fingers crossed re. DVLA