Wednesday, 13 February 2008

be my valentine

hope everyone had loads  of  valentine cards???   you little  liars  lol. did i??  now am i  going to say??  a  gentleman never kisses and  tells.  so  that  will  be  a  no  then lol.maybe.        valentines  day  is  a   day  for  lovers,but also  friends.     may  you  all  be  happy with  your  loved  ones. peace.

 had chap out yesterday to look at  tumble drier      says its the  condenser on  motor  gone,also bearings,as it is insured he has  ordered parts,and will  come and do it when they are in.   after he went  i found that if i spin the drum,close door fast,it keeps going and drys.  so  at  least i can  get  me  washing  dry.

mums  toe  is  a  lot  better,one  thing  off  my  mind  anyway,she  is   in  so  much  pain  with arthritis  though,feel  helpless  really  knowing  what  to  say  or  do to  help  her.  pain is  awful,we both  suffer  from  constant  pain,and  we  both  get  irritable,tired  and cranky        lol        neither  mean  to.        just  have  to  grin  and  bear  it.    many  people  suffer  far  worse  than  me.     

it  was  a  beautiful  day  yesterday,unlike  today      foggy  and   cold,  it  was  warm  and  sunny,the  spring  flowers  are  starting  to   all  come  out,crocus,snowdrops,cyclamen  and  the  first  daffs  are  all  blooming  in  the  sun.   i  had   a jolly  2  hours  cutting  back   my  2  pampas  grass,   bloody  things,related  to  a  triffid  i  think  lol            ( john wyndham  fans  will  understand,best  sci fi  writer  of  the  20th century  in  my opinion)   they get  huge,and  i cut  them  back  hard  every  year,lethal  things,will  cut  your hands  open  if  not  careful.      wish  i  had  never   seen  them,all  small,and  seemingly  harmless  in  the  garden  centre,lol.   i  save  lot  effort  now,i  use  my  hedge trimmer,sawing  motion,job  done,at least  i  can  walk  up  my  path  now  without  being  attacked.

  finally,many  congratulations  to  a  good  friend,who  is  trying  to  lose  some  weight,not  that  she  needs  to,but      never  argue  with  a  lady,lol        slimmer  of  the  week.   very well  done  you.         not   giving  name,unfair  to  embarass  her,   but  please  join  with  me  in  wishing  all  those  who  try  to  lose  weight,give  up  smoking  (ahem,  ermmmm    noooo  still  smoke       tut),etc.  evry success,and  to  not be  despondent  if  you  dont   succeed at  first.        take care all         


cayasm said...

Nice entry Morton your getting the hang of the graphics I see. I't's to be expected getting a bit cranky sometimes but like you say you don't mean it, glad to here your mums feeling better. congratulations to your friend and her weight loss(not easy) even I managed to give up smoking last year and saved over £3000(really I put the money away every week).

Happy Valentines to you and your mum


purplemist65247 said...

Happy Valentines day morton is a very special anniversary for friends ..lovers ...with special memories for me personally for someone
who was there for me when i needed needed him most .clink clink i raise my
glass to you, can hear a soft romantic song playing something about a dance ..sigh
see you soon xxxx

pharmolo said...

Hope the dryer gets fixed soon, Mort

jeadie05 said...

A very Happy Valentines Day to you and your Mum mwah Jan xx

pamal3 said...

Happy Valentine's Day Mort, My fav J-Land man. ;-) I was In stitches picturing you getting that tumble dryer to work!! lol. Where there Is a will, there Is a way eh? Mr determined! lol. I hope your mum gets some relief from pain and of course you aswell. Now.... about those fags.....Hmmmm! lol I will let you off for now and harrass you another time! lol. Love Pam xx