Wednesday, 6 February 2008

yay i did it lol

well              i    managed  it  yasmin         just  worked  it  out         lol           was  bit  different  to  what  you  said.

as i  have              and  as  i  feel  i  should   here  are  my   6

    ninareade          Overtaken by snails, life in the slow lane           reading  ninas  inspired  me  to  have  a  go

Almost 40!    pam       i  enjoy  her  journal  a  lot

jaynee              Single Girl       i cried  when  i  read  her  moving tribute  to  her  mother

Domestic Chaos              zoe,  i  think  is always  worth  reading

Serendipity            ok  jan,looks   like  favouritism           you  always  add  such  nice  comments            i  dont  care  lol        

A journey of another kind....    jane  writes  of  her   fight  with  cancer.and  i  am  in awe  of  her          so  brave.

so  there  you  go               my 6           as ive  already  said          i   read  very  few  journals         so  i  can  only  pick  from  those.      of  the  dozen  or  so  i  do  browse  through,these  are the  6  i  have  choosen        i am  sure   a  lot  already  been  awarded       s ok             you  got  it  again    lol.          Now,in case any of my nominees dont know,   you are now supposed to nominate your 6 favourite youself to the tag and add it to your blog.its easy ,ahem.cough.lolol.     now  i  am  pretty  proud  of  managing  this        feeling  smug  lol             take  care  all


purplemist65247 said...

well done x

cayasm said...

Good for you Mort, when I was given instructions to do this I ended up doing something different to lol and good choices. I read most of them but one I don't so I'll pop over and have a look.

Take care


jeadie05 said...

Very well done Mort for winning your award ,and for adding the graphic ,Thank you so much for choosing me ,and Im pleased Im a favourite of yours lol ,because you are one of mine lol ,love to your Mum ,did you show her what you'd done, bet she thought you were clever, there'll be no stopping you now lol Jan xx

spriteverdixx said...

Thank you Mort.
Im really honoured you should think of me.  Lack of time and poor health recently has meant I havnt been able to read and involve myself in as many other Blogs as Id like.  I intend to put that right very soon and look forward to reading yours a great deal more.


pharmolo said...

Well done, Morton - and well deserved, both yourself and those you've passed the award on to :-)

pamal3 said...

Oh my goodness Mort! I don't know what happened to my alerts but I have just stopped by and noticed that you have not only cracked the whole pic thing, (which I must add had me snapping like a huge croc when I tried It! lol) You honoured me with an award. I will pop round the others. Awww Thank You so much Mort. You are a Diamond. Love Pam xx