Friday, 22 February 2008

on the slide

not  posted  lately,  not  been  feeling  well,new  bloody  tablets   are  really  not suiting  me,i  feel  so tired         and  my  voice  is  going,and  swallowing  very  difficult.   rang  MS  nurse     will  see  her  next  week  to  discuss  what's best.

whinge  over       lol.    last  thursday  i  had  a  visit  from  ofcom      they  who  keeps  our  airwaves   free  from   interference.   i   have  been  getting  awful  TV  reception  for  ages,sometimes  interference  lasted    for  3  hours.          so  i  emailed  ofcom,and  a  chap  came  to  see  us.      now,please  bear  in  mind,if  anyone  has  got  trouble,and  they  come  out  to  check  and  find  it's  something  in  your  home  causing it,you  get  charged  £50.         unless  you  get  free  TV  license  like  mum  does.he  was  here  over  an  hour,really  nice  man,checked  signal  coming  in,yes       there  is  bit  interference,maybe  amateur  radio,2  at  least  about  here  into  that,but  the  problem  was  the  TV  amplifier  i  got.  it  powers  signal  through  to   both  mine  and  mums  bedroom,it's  quite   old,and  is  getting  bad,it  was  that    amplifying  any  stray  radio  signals       causing  bad  picture.  oops.               he  done  my  set up  differently,now  lounge  picture  is  brilliant.must  get  new  amplifier.        when  i  can  afford  it.         

and  now  an  announcement.    ready???  I  HAVE  A  BATHROOM  DOOR.!!!!!!!!  and  its   solid                  and  it  slides                          and  it  shuts  lol          came  yesterday,removed  the   rubbish   concertina  one,was  same  chap  who  fitted  it in   the  end  lol.            and  fitted  a  decent   sliding  door.  finished   doing  it  today,pelmet  covering  track,heavy  duty  sliding  door  track  as  well.      about  time.    mind  you,after he  was  gone  i  found  you  couldnt   lock  it,it  has  a  turn  handle,which  drops  a  hook  into  a  slot  to  shut.   only  it  wouldnt,because  the  keep,the  metal  slot  the  hook  drops  into,was   fitted  wrong.         took  me  all  of  5  minutes  to  do.         think  he  could  have  done  same???   yes   me  too.       also,because  doorway  so  big,sliding  door  is  only  just  big  enough,rather  large  gap  was  seen  when  shut.  so  i  fitted  another  strip  wood,job  done.          so          at  last,       after  all  the   man  hours  wasted              2  doors  chucked  away,   i  FINALLY         got  some  privacy.        no  longer  need  to  whistle. lol.

well            had  lot  more  to  write  but  i  am  tired.       take  care  all         




cayasm said...

Hi Morton glad you finally got your bathroom door about time too, glad you got the TV fixed, and so speedily as well, sorry to hear your not feeling to good, have you heard anything more about getting respite care?.
Congratulations on geust editor picks..Pam from almost forty flagged up your journal.

Hope mum is well

Take care


purplemist65247 said...

by hook or by crook ill be first in this blog lol nice one morty xxx

topazscorpio27 said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Congrats on being a guest editor's pick! -Dawn-

carolelainedodd said...

Congrats on being Guest Editors pick!!!
Hope you are feeling better soon.

jeadie05 said...

Wow Mort ,so the saga of the door is now closed ,excuse the pun lol Very well done being picked by Pam  as one of her picks Jan xx

pharmolo said...

Congratulations on the proper door, Mort, what a saga.

pamal3 said...

Waheyyy! Brilliant news on the door. There Is nothing worse than Interferance on a t.v.! Grrr. Drives me nuts! Hurry back Mort, I miss you already. Love Pam xx

sugarsweet056 said...

Congrats on being a Guest Ed pick!
Have a great weekend & lovely upcoming week.
my other journals are listed on the side bar there, come visit when you have time ;)