Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I have been feeding  the cutest  little stray  tom  cat  i  ever  seen  for  last  year  or  so,wild  little  thing,turned up in my garden one day,starving  hungry.  was  so  scared  of  me  at  first.  gradually  he  got  tamer,although  i   was  never  able  to  get  near  enough  to  catch  him     i  would  have  taken  him  to  vet  for  checkover.  this  last few  weeks,he  has  taken  to  sleeping  in  the  kennel i  have  near  my  back  door,it is there for  when  Brian,friend of  mums,comes  to  sunday  lunch  with us  and  brings  his   dog.  gradually,puddy   (ok,not  very  origional )  had  got  tamer         he  didn,t run  off  when  i   went  near  him,and  i  even  managed  to  gently  touch  him.   last  week  he  seemed  unwell,and  in  fact  had  left  couple  nasty  little  surprises  covered  in  the  gravel  path.     but  yesterday,was  eating  ok,and  let  me  touch  him  when  i  put  his  food  down.      sadly,this  morning   i  went  out  back  door  and  let  my  cat  sooty  out,no  puddy  waiting,looked  in  kennel,wasn't   there.  so  i  went  to  empty sootys  food  she  had left  into  his  dish,and  to  put  fresh  sachet  in,when  i  looked  along  hedge.                 and  he  lay  dead.    by  the  look  he  had  just  dropped  dead.  was  lying  soaking  wet.        poor  little  thing.         i  may  be   bloody  soft,but  i  must  admit  i  shed  a  tear.          he  is  buried  in  what  was  the  vegetable  garden,i  can  no longer  manage  to  grow  veg.  and  will   lay  there  undisturbed.  R.I.P.puddy.  at  least  i  know  you  have  had  food  and  warmth  this  last  year,


 I  had  A  round  from  housing  association  to  examine  faulty  door,she   could  see  what  i  meant,and  agreed  that  door  was  faulty.  was  going  back  to  instruct  contractors  to  sort  it,as  soon  as  possible.  she  said,   i  opened   my  mail  in box         saw  your  name,and  thought          oh  noooooo.   lol       

    lastly,them  ducks.   lol     yasmin  asks  do  they  have  names?   pam  suggests  running  a  comp.  to  name  them.        well,  any  suggestions  anyone??  they  are  usually  called           ooooo  look   its  our  ducks  back,at  start  of  season                to          them  bloody  ducks  are  ruining  my  pond      by  end.   lol.       not just  ducks,it's  lovely to  see  the  bluetits   feeding  away   on  the  bird  feeders,the  dawn  chorus is   starting,the longer  days   and   lightening  mornings   bring  a  host  of  birds  to  my  garden.   like my  poor  little  cat,all  are  welcome,   take  care  all


woodsrnd694 said...

mort really sorry to hear about your cat!!  hope everything goes well with your door! hope your mother well?? just checkin in!    randy

catslittertray said...

hi, sorry to hear about the little puss cat, at least he had you to look out for him ,
.. and no your not soft, you`re sad to see the ending of a friendship,
sue x

cayasm said...

Quite a little menagerie you got going there soory about puddy poor little chap, glad the housing association are going to fix the bathroom door yet again...sigh..nuff said...lol, good idea of Pams to put the ducks names to a vote or competition, I'll have to think of something now..lol.  love to mum

Take care


lv2trnscrb said...

oh, that was so sweet of you to befriend this cat, I bet you made its last year of life a special one; knowing it could count on food from you daily!!

I'm so unoriginal for names; ducky and lucky come to mind for your fine-feathered visitors!


jhorky said...

NOW I know I like you even more than I thought I did.  You have a kind heart  I to would have done all I could to help that kitty and when I found it dead especially sopping wet it would have broke my heart.  You were so kind to have buried him.  Many people would have just thrown it away.  I do hope you are having a good day today.  My son Alan, did not have much pain but the awful thing, that disease did to his body was extremly difficult for him and for me to watch.  His vision was one of the first to be affected.  If you do not want me to discuss the illness and bothers you, please tell me. It would not hurt my feelings at all.  Hope you have loads of remissions.  Lucille 4346

helmswondermom said...

How nice that you were able to look after the stray for a while at least.  I'm so sorry he died.  I am visiting your journal via Pam's recommendation.  Congratulations on being one of her Guest Editor's picks last week.  I enjoyed this entry and look forward to coming back again.

jeadie05 said...

Ah Mort  I see you are really Dr Doolittle ,you are sweet to have cared for Puddy ,I bet A was delighted to see your e mail  NOT  lol ,give your Mum my love Jan xx

pharmolo said...

That's sad, Mort. It's a shame you couldn't do more for Puddy, but - it was his time. You did well looking after him. Hope they fix that door of yours once and for all, geez

jmoqueen said...

awwww that's such a sad story about Puddy :(  I would've shed a tear too, well I almost did reading the entry!!  Glad they realised the door was faulty, let's hope it gets fixed soon xx