Tuesday, 5 February 2008

thankyou and an apology

a  lot  of  you  know   CAYASM      yasmin         from  her   blog.    she  has  been  kind enough  to  nominate  me  for  the  nice  matters  award           Bless  you  Yasmin.  you  were  also  kind  enough  to  email   me  instructions on  how  to  add  the  tag.   Do  you  see  it??   no.    i   tried,but  all  i  managed  to  do  was  to  lock  up  my  computer           lol

I  feel  i  don't  deserve this,  i  must  confess  to  my  fellow   journal  writers,i  rarely  read  others  blogs,just  a few,and  you  all  know  who  you  are  from  my  comments.  don't  get  me  wrong,those i  do  read  i  thoroughly enjoy.  it's  just.................i  don't  understand  tags,i  don't know  how  to  decorate   my  journal,i  don't  even  know  how  to  add  photos  really.   did   add  1           no  comment.        i   use  chatrooms,as  i  prefer  chatting  to  friends  online,this   journal  was  meant  as  a  way  of  letting  off  steam,i  never  thought  anyone  would  want  to  read   it. i don't have  the  time  or  energy  to  do  any  more  than  write    these  ramblings occasionally.  so  forgive  me  fellow  bloggers,and   Yasmin       if  i  don't    add   tags,or   nominate  anyone.       i  am  honoured  though  yasmin  you  choose  me.    thankyou.  and  take  care  all            


cayasm said...

Sorry about the tag Mort I used the instructions sent to me by someone else, and your quite welcome to the award you deserve it.
My you seem to be having problems with this bathroom door, like you said had they listened to you in the first place none of this would be happening now, then the fridge and the car, it never rains but it poors. Glad to hear you mum is in good spirits, hopefully her toe won't get any worse.

Take care


jeadie05 said...

Message received and understood ,just keep posting your entrys and comment when you can ,very well deserved award I do agree with Yasmin ,love to Mum ....love Jan xx

pharmolo said...

It's not compulsory to add tags, and you're excused from forwarding the Nice Matters award to anyone else. I found it a chore myself lol

pamal3 said...

Hey Mort. Congratulations. I am so chuffed to have got one aswell but I was exhausted trying to work everything out to do! lol. You had the right idea!!! lol. You know my "wee treasure" was moaning about yesterday being pancake day and I was totally bombarded for hours with "When am I getting pancakes mum? for what seemed like hours!! Grrr so I sort of got a bit snappy.....End result....(in a sarcastic voice) "Mum It's a kindness award! Ha!"  I had to laugh at the Irony! Okay so I managed to post links etc. but no pancakes and one very grumpy child! Lol. Love Pam xx