Saturday, 23 February 2008

cheques in the post

well,  thankyou  to  pam,guest  editor  of  the  week  on  magic  smoke        for  making  this  load  of  drivel one  of  her  picks.   bless  you  pam          as  i  said         cheques  in  the      i know  ive  said  it  before          but  here we  go  again.   when  i  started  this  journal  it  was  a  safety  valve,  a  way  to  let  off  steam           a  rant  sometimes.  i  thought    maybe       if  i  was  really  lucky         maybe  2        or  even  3   people  would  want  to   read  my   ramblings.           now  i  got  picked  by  the  guest  editor         i  am  honoured.and  thanks  for  all  the  many nice  comments  i  have  received.

been   a  busy  day,  now  the  bathroom  door  is  done        ( oh  those  words     a  sense  of  happiness  prevails   lol   )            apart  from  the  decorator  coming  to  paint  it,i  decided  to  vax  all  the  carpets.   they  were  bloody  filthy        lol         got  china  cabinet  back  in  hall,and  china  back  in  it.        all  back  to  normal.

had  letter  from  tumble drier  insurance  company,  apparently  it  is  not  economical  to  repair  it,so  they  are  replacing  it  with  a  new  one.          jolly  isnt  it??  EXCEPT.  i have  to  send  them  a  payment  of  £71           for   rest  of  insurance  premiums,postage and  packing,etc.           now,need  i  say??   havent  got  it,paid  out  far  to  much  just lately.  but  as  the  tumble drier  would  cost  180         i   will  find   it  somehow.  just  have  to  keep  hand   starting  it.  lol    bit  like  trying  to  crank  start an  old

As  i  said,ive  had  a  lot  of  lovely  comments  on  my  journal,   but  today  i  received  my  first  nasty  one.   just  the  one?  cheek      lol.    some  one  left  a  rather  unpleasant  comment,about                   did  i  think  i  was  someone   special?  looking  after my  mum  with  MS,   did  i  think  i was  the  only  one,that  lot  people  were  worse,blah  blah.       ermmmmmm           for  that  persons  information,NO,  I   KNOW,LOT  WORSE  THAN  ME.    but  this  is  MY  journal,and  i  write  it  from  the  heart.         i  deleted  the  comment,  pretty  sure  it's  a  screen  name  used  just  to  annoy,in  j land  i  think  you  call  such  morons  as  trolls??  in  chatrooms,we  know  them  as  hiders.         hiders  because  they  use  false  names            too  cowardly  to  use  real screenys.     i  really  don'y   care  if  that  person  didn't  like   my  writing,but  i  can  understand  just  how  hurt  certain  journal  writers  would  be.      i  dont  make   unpleasant  comments,  if  i  don't  agree  with  what  someone  has  written,i  move on.            please  feel  free  to  do  the  same.

 so,  i  have  come  a  long  way            from   that  first  nervous  entry   (  i  had  my  finger  over  the  save  button  after  writng  it  for  ages  before  pressing  lol)  to  my  nice  matters  award                to   editors  pick          to    insulting comment.    and  i  thought  i  would  get  that  first  off.   lol           thanks  to  all  the  lovely  people  out  there            it's  much  appreciated. 

lastly,can  i  please  ask  you  all  to  add a  lovely  lady to  your  good  wishes  and  prayers,her  name  is  Di         she  is  not  a journal  writer            in  fact    she  isnt  even  on  aol.       she  had   a  lumbar  puncture   just  recently,and  has   MS.  and  rather   nasty  symptoms  to.          May  everyone  in  pain,find  relief.   may those  scared,alone,and  friendless             find   love.         take  care  all             


cayasm said...

There seems to be a lot of these trolls hanging about, "Cowards" take no notice I for one enjoy reading your journals and like you say its an important outlet for you so keep going. Least the bathroom is done now, even if you are left with all the cleaning, as for the tumble dryer might be tter to hell out the £71 I know its a bit tight but at least its brand new and under a new gaurantee!!! Best wishes to your friend Di and wish her a good recovery from her Lumbar puncture.

Love to mum

Have a good Sunday


woodsrnd694 said...

i was raised in south alabama and our parents taught us if you can't say something nice keep you big mouth shut!!  keep writing!! randy

carolelainedodd said...

Sorry to hear you had a troll.  There's been a lot about just lately.!!  It can be upsetting for some, but I hope you ignore them and carry on regardless.
I had the same trouble with my washer. Barely five years old, but not worth repairing, send us x amount of money and you can have a new one.  I will pray for a windfall for you.
Sending prayers to Di, may she feel better soon.
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Have a good Sunday.

jeadie05 said...

I have to say when I see an alert from you in my mailbox I am pleased ,to hear from you ,so yes you got picked because we like to read your journal ,about how you cope ,and your sense of humour as you deal with your problems ..ignore the troll to Mum Jan xx

pharmolo said...

When you gain praise like with being Guest Editor's Pick, some pathetic souls get jealous and nasty. You've dealt with it in exactly the right manner. Don't dwell on it, consign it to the garbage bin of history.

lv2trnscrb said...

congrats on being a guest editor's pick!! so sorry about that nasty comment; I don't know why people are so cruel to one another!


spriteverdixx said...

Congrats on your well deserved Guest Editors Pick !
I love reading your journal Mort, you make me smile.


pamal3 said...

Hello My fav other man. It's taken me ages to get online!!! I'm here now tho, and Iv'e come here first. Now.... You take no notice of that selfish troll/Green eyed monster. It's only because your almost famous now! lol. I tell you Mort. If I hit the big cash, your a winner! No more tumble dryer worries, you will be wondering where to have your next luxury holiday. I will say a prayer for Di. and I will also remember to put a lotto ticket on this week. ;-) Stay Happy. Love Pam xx

jmoqueen said...

Hey Morton congrats on being a guest editors pick :o)  I wanna put your journal on my alerts but AOL is not letting me :(  I shall keep trying though xx