Friday, 8 February 2008

towed away

brian,mums  friend,known  him  years         knows  someone  who  can  repair  my  car,cheaper  than   garage,brian  got  the  parts  so  everything  going  to  get  it  back  on  road.   as  gearbox  has  to  come  out,engines  got  to  be dropped  having  new  clutch    fitted   while  its  being  done.       this  will  cost   a  fortune,no  idea  how  in  hell  i  ever  going  to  pay  brian   back.          oh  welll.

he  borrowed  a   trailer  from  his  mate  to  take  it  over  to  be  done,on  back   of  his  truck.and brought  it  over.    we  promptly  half  blocked  my  little   close  while  we  loaded  it  on,him  turning  the   hoist,and  making            this  way,bit  over  that  way  gestures,me  behind  wheel,gripping  it  for   dear  life,thinking,if  you   get  it  wrong,theres  going  to  be  a  very  loud  crash.          finally,after  much  cursing,it  was  loaded.     all  secured.         and  off  he  went.        i  went  indoors,put  my  hand  in  jacket  pocket........................and  pulled  the  bloody  car  keys out.!!!!! i  had  taken  them  out  of   ignition,and  put  them  in  pocket  by  mistake.              so,no  keys,means   cant   unload  car,means  brians  got  to  come  back  30  miles,means...........panic.

i  quickly  rang  his  mobile,and  luckily  he  pu;lled  in  on  side  and  answered         ermmmm   brian,       i  got  the  keys.            he  was  just   over  bridge,down  bridge  street,very  narrow  street  leading  out  of  village  off  main  road,no  way  of  turning  round,so  i  told  him  to  keep  where  he  was  and  i  would  take  them  to  him.      now,my  legs  hurt.   i  get  a  lot       of  pain  in  them,walking  hurts.        but          did  i  go  like  hell  along  road.  lol.         muttering  to  myself         got  down  to  turn,legs  on  fire,in  agony,as  i  did,a  bloody  great  Jewson's  builders  merchants  lorry  turned  down  road,i  could   see  brians  truck,with  trailer       down  road,could  also  see,no  way  lorry  was  going  to  get  past.            panic.         i  broke  into  a  sort  of  ungainly   staggering  trot,lol         brian  was  talking  to  driver  when  i  spluttered  to  a  halt  near  him,  gasping  for  breath,vowing  to  give  the    bloody  fags  up,       i  handed  brian  keys,smiled  weakly  at  rather   fed  up  looking  lorry  driver,and  walked  back  home.all  i  can  say  is             it  took  me  ages      lol.        how  i  made  it            really  dont  know.          my  legs.!!!!!!

oh  least    nothing  else  can  possibly  go  wrong.         can  it????

well.        yes.    it  can.         because  last  night,after  having  shower,and washing  throbbing  feet      i put  a load  of  washing  on.       all  done,half  load  into  tumble  drier     turn  on                 colllapse  in chair.          it  switched  off,and  i  took  nice  dry  clothes  out.          now,i  been  noticing  a   bit of  a  squeak  while  it  is  working,thought   nothing  of   it,loaded  next  lot  in,shirt,jeans,socks,turned  on  and........................................    nothing.           wouldnt  go  round.just  whirred.      found  out  if  i  took  jeans  out  it  worked,           just  hadnt  got  enough  power  to  turn  drum  with  load  in.           so,yet  another   bites  the           luckily  i  have  it  insured,and   engineer  coming  out  on  tuesday.       i  must  have  broke  a  lot  of  mirrors               lol         

today,i can  hardly  move.         the  new  tablets  are  making me  dopey  as  hell.i   keep  dozing  off,so had  lazy  day,    think i  did  enough  exercise

 took  dressing  chiropodist  put  on  mums  foot,looking  quite  good,bit  red  so  i  redressed  it.           very  painful  for  her  bless  her.             that  will now  hopefully  heal,and  ease.           take  care  all. 


cayasm said...

It never rains but it pours, so expensive to get stuff fixed epscially as you need all these things, must be hard without the car. Sorry to hear the new pills making you drowsy, an unfortunate side effect.
hope your mums okay, and her toe not giving her too much trouble.

Have a good weekend


purplemist65247 said...

think we could write a tv series about ur day to day living lol must admit i did laugh when i imagined ur face on finding the keys in pocket.never a dull moment is there mort .its nice to see u still have that wicked sense of humour lol till next time xxxxxxxx

pharmolo said...

You did well catching up with that trailer thing, Mort. What else can go wrong? Hopefully nothing!

jeadie05 said...

Oh Mort you were brave to run after Brian ,yes have a nice rest this weekend Isure your Mum will agree with me ,give her my love Love Jan xx