Sunday, 24 February 2008


 spring must  be here           my  2 ducks  have  returned.  every  year,around this time  the   same  2  ducks  pop  round  to  my  pond.  think  it's a spring  holiday  for  them.  they  arrive,get  fed,have  a  swim  on my  fish  pond  and  pull  the  weed  about,and  then  usually  go  to  sleep  under  the  gooseberry  bush.        it's a good  life  lol.   then  fly  off.              their  first  visit  was this morning,looked  blearily  out  of  kitchen  window,making  mum  a  cup   of   tea  to  take  her  in  bed,and  there  they  sat.  middle  of  path,looking  expectantly  at  door.          so,i  found  couple  slices  bread,opened  door,and  had  2  quacking  ducks  trot  towards  me.    nice  not  to  be  forgotten            lol.     had  their  brekky,n  flew  off.           this  will  now  continue  until  end  march,when  their  visits  stop.  i  know  it's  the  same  2, female has only  got  1  eye,has  to  turn  her  head  to  look  at  you,and  male  got mark   on  bill.        nice  to  see them back.           remind  me  i  said  that,when  my  pond  looks  like  a  bomb  has   hit,and  the  rockery  surrounding  it  is  pulled  to  bits.

spring  flowers  all  coming  out,snowdrops,daffs,crocus.  garden  looking  nice.   anyone  interested  pop  along  to  my  profile  and  have  a look at pics.         

has  been  one  of  those  days when  i  can't  seem  to  concentrate,  my  head  is  thumping,and  i  forget  what  it  was  i  was  going  to  do.   think  new  tablets  really  are  making  me  worse,hopefully   linda  will  be  able  to  do  something  when i   speak  to  her.           makes   life  interesting  at  times,  mum  is  in  lot  of  pain  again,arthritis  has  really  gotten  hold.        her  hands  are  so  painful,she  has  trouble  gripping,   but  i  admire  her.       not  often  she  lets  it  get  her  down.     we  do  our  best  for  each  other.       

thanks  to  everyone for  all  your  recent  comments,   and  to  my  very  own   troll,  bless it          another  comment!!!    different  name,but  hey       same   rubbish.lolol     least  it shows  you  reading  my  journal .        hope    some  of  the  words  not  too  long  for  you??   lol   best wishes,and many  thanks  to  all  my  j land  friends,im  finding  i  now  read   far  more  blogs  than  i  used  to,found  several  new   (to  me)  ones  that  i  really  like.  and  i  find  more  each  time  i  get  comments,and  so  it  goes  on.       i  like  being  part  of  this  "family  of  friends" ,and  thank  you  all  for  accepting  me.           take  care  all            


cayasm said...

would love to some photos of the ducks and the garden the flowers blooms o early now, well I suppose it's almost spring. sorry to hear you mum in a lot of pain but like you say you do the best you can for each other and thats all that counts. I like jland lots of nice people here so take no notice of the trolls, very sad people who like to try and make others as miserable as them.
love to your mum

Take care


catslittertray said...

glad your ducks are back, as you say i think they probably popped in for a break, or maybe they have been told what you find under gooseberry bushes !!!!!
take care both,
sue x

lv2trnscrb said...

that is so sweet about the ducks coming back!! I bet its nice to look for them, wondering what day it will be this year that they coming for their yearly visit!


jeadie05 said...

Is that the truth you are telling us ,That spring is here ? lol ,How wonderful for you that the ducks are back to stay for a while ,so pleased your  readers are building up ,and that you are making lots more friends to Mum Jan xx

pamal3 said...

Hi fav other man. Those ducks sound amazing. I hope your mum gets some relief.
You need to get your tablets sorted so you can get rid of those headaches. You have loads of fun nipping round the blogs. Love Pam xx

woodsrnd694 said...

isn't it amazing how animals can bring so much joy, just when you need it!! I'm jealious , I'm still trying to remove all the dead flowers left from last summer from my flower beds lol!! I am glad I stumbled upon you blog!!   God bless, Randy