Thursday, 28 February 2008

guinea pig

didnt  post  last night,meant to  but  was  so  tired,       bloody  daft  but  i  really  have  been  upset  by little  cats  death.  he  is  now  the  third   cat  i  got  buried  in  my  garden.  none  of  which  "belonged"  to  me.        think  the  difference  is,other  2   (neighbours  cats who  decided  they  liked  the  accommodation  here   better  lol)  were  old  cats.   this  little  fella  was  only  about  18  months  old  at  most.        and  really  daft bit,he  wasn't even  friendly.  too  scared.          oh  well.      im  ok  now.  

funny,i  took  some  photos  today  and  downloaded  them,and  found  this one  that  i  took   last  week,sitting  on  my  garden  bench.    bless

Linda,my  MS nurse  rang  me  yesterday,she  is  so busy  poor  love.   asked  what  my  problem  was  and  i  explained   the  new   tablets  she  had  put  me  on  were  really  making  my  life  hell.   my  swallowing  has  got  much  worse,and  throat  is  raw. she  asked  how  many  i  was  taking  a  day,and  i  told  her  i  had only  got  up  to  4  a  day,was  supposed  to  work  gradually up  until  i  was  on  12.  on  4  i  want  to  sleep  all  the  while,and  feel  so  depressed  and  down   with  them.   so  she  told  me  to  dump  them  and  go  back  to  gabapentin,least  side  effects  not  so  bad,and  my  swallowing  was  lot  better.   also  said,to  ring  her  after  a  week,and  she  would  see  me,  and  try  me  on  another  drug.      ermmmm   no,i  think  i  will   keep  as  i  am. i  know  i  got  lot  pain,sometimes  i  could  cry,but  i  had  enough  of  being  a guinea  pig  in  past.     better  the  devil  you   know.

 A  came   to  see  us   yesterday.  rang  me  and  asked  if she could come and inspect  faulty  door.   turned  up  at  3.30.   took  photos,and  agreed  it  was  faulty.   she  is  nice,i  do  feel  sorry  for her  really,lol.  she  said,I opened  my  inbox,saw  email  from  you  and  thought           OH  NO.   NOT             anyway,upshot  of   it  is,i  had  phonecall  today  from  her,and  they  are coming  next  wednesday  to change  it.            fingers  crossed.         lol.

 In case  any  one  worried,ducks  are  coming  every  morning,turned  up  today  at  6.30.  there  was  muggins,outside  in  cold  feeding  2  very  greedy quacking  ducks.  lol.   any  names   anyone??     especially  pam.   lol            but  when  i  see  them,every  year  around  this  time,i  know  spring  is  on  the  way.   and  the  first  flower  on  my  camellia  has  now  opened  to  prove  it.

must  be  over  50  buds,hopefully   we  wont  get  many  frosts  now  to  ruin  the  show.    daffs  are  now  making  a  show,took  mum  up  garden  in  wheelchair  as  it  was   lovely  day  to  see  the  flowers,        cheers  her  up a bit  to  get  out.   she  is  very  down,she  really  liked  watching  puddy,he  was  always  sitting  on  bench  near  kitchen  window. take  her  out  tomorrow,she  will  go  and  see  her  friend  in  charity  shop  before  we  do  the  weekly  shop.

just  to  cheer  us  all up.   bit  spring  colour.   many  thanks  for  all  your  nice  comments,and   i  now  gone  international       lol       randy  and  lucy   both  from  USA   both  write  very  good  journals,have  been  kind  enough   to  add  comments.  please  go   along  and  visit.  see  their  comments  for  details,i'm useless  at adding  addresses.   think  another  1  or  2  who  left  comments  also  from  "across  the pond".    and  this  all  thanks  to  pams  editors  choice.            thanks   pam         really  must   post  that  cheque.     lol     take  care  all.


cayasm said...

Sorry your feeling upset about puddy, such a shame poor little chap, the garden looks nice, it's great when all the flowers start to bloom. don't blame you for not wanting to start on new medication, but maybe they can give you something for the pain, so glad your mum had a turn around the garden that must really cheer her up, just to be outside. As for the bathroom door saga well fingers crossed on that one lol.

Take care


jhorky said...

Mort, I just had to come ansd see how you are doing??  I understand why you were upset by the little cats death.  Poor little thing really had no one but you to care if it lived or died and it knew you did your best.  You have no idea how much you and 2 other people helped me through today, Jack and his sister Shirl.  You all came through  for me in the end.  Your flowers are beautiful.  I would do anything to have a garden like that.  It is beautiful!!  AH yes, those never ending pills.  When my son Alan was still able to be alone I went to his apartment as soon as I got off work.  I walked in and there were pills all over the floor.  He had tremors terribly and he said  the pill box fell.  He later said he threw them.  He also felt like a guinea pig.  Do you take care of your mum?  We moms love our kids no matter how old. How about "beauty or quacker" for one duck. I will think on it.  Lucy

woodsrnd694 said...

Mort, Thank you for the kind Comments!  Hope you get to feeling better and the flowers are so beautiful I love camellia!  My parents hope that we are selling right now has a beautiful bush!!  It's funny how we get attached to animals!! have a great night or day! I don't know what time is there!  Tell "mum" Hi!!


lv2trnscrb said...

garden looks nice; so nice when things come back into bloom after winter

what about for the ducks' names Mort and Gert??


jeadie05 said...

How about George ,and Mildred ? are they a Mr and Mrs ? lovely to see all your lovely pictures ,very cheery ,so the door saga continues! love to Mum Jan xx

pharmolo said...

You really have spring in your garden, Mort.

jhorky said...

I just stopped in to visit your flowers, again..  Hope you are having a good day.  If you have a good day, she will.   Lucy

sybiljb said...

Hi Mort what a lovely garden. I enjoy reading your journal and look forward to it every day. Have a nice weekend and hello to mums.

pamal3 said...

Hello my fav other man. It;s understandable you are upset at the wee cat. It's a shame. Would you not consider having a permanent one that belonged to you? Just a thought! Now on to those How about Duke and Daisy lol well, Daisy Is a cow's name so that might not do! ... erm. wilma and wilbert? sonny and cher?  I am picturing myself calling on the ducks and shouting out loud, but those two through In the livingroom think I have lost my marbles! lol. Those will have to do for now as I could be here all night and quite possibly get arrested! lol. Love Pam xx

jmoqueen said...

Awww it's a shame about Puddy :(  I'm sure another cat will come your way to brighten your day xx  At least the ducks are still visiting (what about Donald for a name??) and your flowers are looking beautiful ~ thanks for sharing the pics with us xx


lanurseprn said...

Hi Mort...sorry for all the comments but I'm spending time reading your entries and each one seems to elicit a thought from me.
I'm sorry about the kitty. He looks like he was so cute. I'm sure another one will come along. I know we have lots of them around. Right now I don't actually "own" any kitties...but there are two who seem to like my digs. LOL!
Your flowers are stunning. Love those pictures. I was sorry to hear of your swallowing problem. Can you crush your pills and put them in applesauce? Sometimes that makes it easier. Maybe you've tried that...?
Anyway...I'm enjoying getting to know you here. You are a sweetie.
Sending you a great big hug,